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UK's controversial online safety bill set to become law

The Online Safety bill, now passed by Parliament, has stirred criticism regarding provisions that will require tech companies to monitor encrypted messages.

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Google launches another appeal against 2017 EU antitrust ruling on shopping service

Despite its lack of success with a 2021 appeal, Google has once again sought to have its $2.6 billion fine overturned by arguing the EU has failed to prove its case.

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UK regulator outlines AI foundation model principles, warns of potential harm

In its newly published review into AI foundation models, the UK’s competition regulator warns about the consequences of leaving the sector unregulated and outlines a number of principles for the technology’s development.

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EU said to be proceeding with Microsoft Teams antitrust investigation

Two weeks after Microsoft announced it would start unbundling Teams from Microsoft and Office 365 in an attempt to avoid an EU antitrust investigation, the proposal has reportedly not done enough to satisfy regulators.

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UK rolls back controversial encryption rules of Online Safety Bill

The UK government has said it will not use the powers granted by the Online Safety Bill to compel companies to scan encrypted messages until it becomes “technical feasible” to do so only for information about exploitation and abuse.

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EU lists ‘gatekeepers’ to be regulated, opens iMessage and Bing investigations

The day after it was reported that Apple and Microsoft were contesting the proposed "gatekeeper" status of iMessage and Bing, the European Commission leaves them off the list of services to be regulated by the DMA but announces...

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Apple and Microsoft challenge regulatory scope of EU’s Digital Markets Act

The EU is set to release the list of so-called gatekeepers that will be regulated under the DMA on Wednesday, but Apple and Microsoft are arguing that some of their platforms should not be included.

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UK government outlines five objectives for AI Safety Summit

Ahead of the UK government’s AI Safety Summit in November, the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has outlined the goals it hopes the summit will achieve.

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EU-US Data Privacy Framework to face serious legal challenges, experts say

Despite the US and EU endorsement of the new Data Privacy Framework, privacy experts remain skeptical that the agreement will survive legal challenges.

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UK regulator refers cloud infrastructure market for investigation

Three months after the UK regulator announced its concerns around the market dominance of AWS and Microsoft, it's asking for an investigation to take place in order to improve the market for customers.

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US will block Chinese customers from using AI cloud services: report

The US Department of Commerce could ban Amazon, Microsoft and Google from selling AI-related cloud computing services to Chinese companies, a new report said.

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Microsoft pushes for government regulation of AI. Should we trust it?

The generative AI gold rush is on, but there are few real guardrails now governing its use. If action isn’t taken soon, any regulations might be too late to do any good.

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Businesses and tech firms criticize proposed EU AI Act

EU business leaders worry that a perceived excess of regulation could derail efforts to make Europe one of the front-runners in AI technology development.

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EU announces specialized testing and evaluation centers for AI

Four new “TEFs” will be opening up for AI technology testing this year, according to the European Commission.

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US weighs further restrictions on chip exports to China

The Biden administration is reportedly considering placing new restrictions on the export of AI chips to China, in a move that could specifically target products previously compliant with the rules.

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UK's AI strategy does not address equality concerns, regulator says

The regulatory body responsible for promoting and upholding equality and human rights has expressed concerns that the UK government’s proposals are inadequate for tackling potential AI-fueled discrimination.

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New EU security strategy aims to safeguard tech supply chains

A new EU policy draft is aimed at securing Europe’s technological interests, by protecting it against outside interference.


European Commission could move to break up Google’s ad empire

EU regulators have accused Google of manipulating the advertising market to muscle out competitors and bolster its own bottom line.

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