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Urgent updates for Windows and IE for March Patch Tuesday

This is a big month for Microsoft updates. With 64 reported vulnerabilities addressed in this month’s Patch Tuesday release, the focus is on the two zero-days for Microsoft Windows. Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms are...

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A large February Patch Tuesday is warming up for a big year for Microsoft

75 vulnerabilities addressed, critical updates for IE and Windows and a large number of patches to Microsoft’s development platform make this a substantial Patch Tuesday.

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A great start to patching in 2019

With a gentle start to Microsoft updates for 2019, Microsoft has addressed 47 vulnerabilities with updates to Windows, Chakra, Edge and IE11. The only critical updates this month relate to both Microsoft browsers.

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An easy October Patch Tuesday

After a bit of a hiatus, Greg Lambert is back with all the info you need on Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday update cycle.

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Critical updates to IE and Flash for November Patch Tuesday

A relatively light series of updates from Microsoft this month.

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Non-security Office patches appear with the reprise of KB 2952664 and 2976978

We got the usual bunch of non-security Microsoft Office patches, and we saw the relaunch of two widely despised Windows 7 and 8.1 “compatibility appraiser” updates.

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