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Q&A: What ChatGPT Enterprise means for AI business adoption

ChatGPT Enterprise will likely spur greater adoption of generative AI technology by addressing two of the main concerns businesses have: security and privacy. Claire Trachet, CEO of tech business advisory firm Trachet, talked about...

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US Copyright Office opens inquiry into laws needed to rein in genAI

The agency move is part of an ongoing effort to gather public feedback on why AI can sometimes flagrantly use copyrighted materials to produce content. The agency plans to hand over its findings to Congress.

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OpenAI launches ‘enterprise-grade’ ChatGPT

OpenAI said the newest version of its ChatGPT service comes with enterprise-grade security and privacy features.

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The most in-demand AI skills — and how companies want to use them

Studies from job listings and professional networking sites detailed the top attributes would-be hires are highlighting and companies are seeking. No surprise: various AI skills top that list.


Why and how to create corporate genAI policies

Adoption of generative AI is happening at a breakneck pace, but potential threats posed by the technology will require organizations to set up guardrails to protect sensitive data and customer privacy — and to avoid running afoul of...


How to build employee trust as AI gains ground

One in four workers do not feel trusted by their employer, and as more organizations roll out or pilot AI platforms to unlock efficiencies, employees are fearful of being replaced by a machine.


Q&A: TIAA's CIO touts top AI projects, details worker skills needed now

Sastry Durvasula, the chief information and client services officer at TIAA, has been leading an initiative to deploy AI in a myriad of business operations to create greater efficiencies and improve client experiences.

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AI tools could leave companies liable for anti-bias missteps

Companies deploying AI technology are responsible for any biases that run afoul of anti-discrimination laws, so it's critical to establish a management framework now to head off legal problems later.

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White House promises on AI regulation called 'vague' and 'disappointing'

US President Joe Biden's latest move to wrangle AI and keep Americans safe while also allowing innovation are not enforceable, meaning AI companies still have carte blanche to do what they want.

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AI-skills job postings jump 450%; here's what companies want

Job listings that include AI-based skills are growing rapidly as organizations look to create new efficiencies internally and for clients. But there's a dearth of AI-skilled talent, so many companies are training employees while...

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Q&A: HPE global talent exec credits AI, chatbots for bolstering hiring

HPE has been using AI-based talent acquisition technology that has literally turned a lackluster career site and hiring process on its head and reached more than 950,000 candidates.

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Q&A: How AI can help enterprise HR automate employee experiences

Working closely with her company's IT department, STL Chief Human Resources Officer Anjali Byce has continued to experiment with artificial intelligence to automate employee experiences — and keep her finger on the pulse of worker...

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NYC law governing AI-based hiring tools goes live

The new law, aimed at organizations using automated hiring tools, will require regular audits of those tools to prove they don't have baked-in biases against gender or race.

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Opera rolls out AI-infused browser

Opera One is an extensive makeover of the Chrome-based web browser that allows ChatGPT natural language processing and offers a new, more modular UI design.

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5 hot workplace collaboration trends (and 2 going cold)

From generative AI to analytics, the collaboration software landscape is changing fast, but there’s more to consider than just the shiniest new tools.

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Two AI-related bills introduced in US Congress amid generative AI rush

The bills are the latest in efforts by US lawmakers to formulate regulatory and compliance standards for the use of AI-based tools.

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How to use the new AI writing tool in Google Docs and Gmail

Currently in beta, Help Me Write is a new generative AI writing tool built into Gmail and Google Docs. Here’s how to get the most out of it while avoiding its pitfalls.

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Governments worldwide grapple with regulation to rein in AI dangers

As generative AI revolutionizes tech, governments around the world are trying to come up with regulations that encourage its benefits while minimizing risks such as bias and disinformation.

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Q&A: Experts say stopping AI is not possible — or desirable

Generative AI systems such as ChatGPT are evolving at an exponential rate. Already some believe it's impossible to slow their progress, despite the threats they pose. So should we focus on the benefits instead?

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ChatGPT creators and others plead to reduce risk of global extinction from their tech

A second open letter warning of the threats posed by artificial intelligence was signed by many of its most prominent creators, who called controlling it ‘a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and...

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