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ipad app

CIOs tout mobile apps from IBM-Apple linkup

This week at Mobile World Congress, customers described how they plan to use several of the new apps to replace paper forms, improve service call response times and generally improve productivity for their companies.

galaxy s7 angle

These 3 future-looking technologies are missing from Samsung's Galaxy S7s

Samsung had an opportunity to be an innovator by including future-looking technologies in its new Galaxy S7 and and S7 Edge smartphones. But the company played it safe with incremental upgrades like a microSD slot and better camera.

20160222 intel aicha evans

IoT's new supergroup will have one code base to rule them all

The Open Connectivity Foundation will introduce a single open-source code base to take the place of the alphabet soup of standards for the Internet of Things.

mit neural chip 0

Beyond Centrino: Intel drives device changes for a 5G world

Intel sparked a wireless revolution in 2003 with its Centrino program to connect laptops over Wi-Fi, and now the emerging 5G standard could bring another big change in the way devices communicate.

The Panasonic Toughpad N1

Panasonic announces two heavy-duty smartphones

Panasonic is branching out from its ruggedized computer and tablet roots, announcing a pair of new smartphones at Mobile World Congress.

cat s60 thermal and visible image

The CAT S60 is a smartphone that can see in the dark (+video)

It can see through smoke, it can dive underwater, and it can run Android Marshmallow. The CAT S60 is a 4G LTE smartphone with a 3,800 mAh battery and seems like the special forces of smartphones.

epsonmoveriobt 300

First look: Epson's latest smart glasses pack an OLED display into a light package

Epson announced an update to its Moverio smart glasses on Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, bringing a nice but incremental enhancement to a device that’s aimed at enterprise users and consumers alike.

adobe under armour

Adobe rolls out new enterprise app creation service

Adobe has merged two of its app development services into one, in an attempt to help businesses easily build professional-looking apps, without requiring a whole lot of coding know-how.

facebook stock headquarters building

Facebook aims to extend Open Compute model to telecom gear

Facebook is extending its collaborative model for developing low-cost compute and networking hardware to telecommunications gear as well, focusing on three areas -- access, backhaul, and core and management.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7: “Better than iPhone 6s,” bleat S-sheep

It’s MWC time again, and in Barcelona, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge get officially revealed. These 2016 Samsung flagships are turning heads for their waterproofing, bigger batteries, SD card slots, and new camera tech...

zuckerberg f8 2015

Zuckerberg plays up VR's emotional side

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about the chance that a child’s first steps might be recorded in 360-degree VR to be shared anywhere. Or, he said, you could "sit in front a campfire with friends any time you want."

samsungunpacked 02

Mark Zuckerberg outlines the future of Facebook

For a teenage Mark Zuckerberg, high school mathematics class meant dreams of traveling to distant worlds through virtual reality. Those ideas stayed with him as he grew Facebook into the mammoth it's become today, and they're now...

20160221 nokia rajeev suri

5G could be completed long before 2020

5G mobile technology will start to get defined "in real terms" by the end of this year, Suri said Sunday on the eve of Mobile World Congress.

lenovo ideapad miix 310 2 in 1 tablet silver

Lenovo gets creative with new Yoga hybrids, for a price (+video)

Lenovo packs interesting features into its new Yoga hybrids.

Lenovo Logo

Lenovo aims at global Internet connectivity without SIM cards

Lenovo has launched a new mobile broadband service so its smartphone, tablet and PC users can get quick access to the Internet worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EMBARGOED until Sunday Feb. 21 1 PM EST

Samsung announces next-gen flagship smartphones

Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones look very similar to last year’s models, raising questions about how they’ll do against the iPhone.

hp elite x3 dock (Embargo to noon ET 2/21/2016)

HP offers Windows 10 smartphone with fingerprint and iris recognition security (+video)

HP targeted security-conscious business users and IT with its announcement of the Elite x3 smartphone that runs Windows 10 Mobile. It ships this summer.

Ruckus Wireless HQ sign

Ruckus says OpenG can make LTE work better indoors

Ruckus Wireless wants to become an LTE network vendor, supplying gear for indoor networks that could belong to a service provider, an enterprise or a building owner.

Cell tower, telecommunication

The hottest item at Mobile World Congress won't be for sale

In Barcelona, you really can buy happiness. (It's called Iberico, a delicious Spanish ham.) But you can't buy unlicensed spectrum, and yet it's going to be the hottest thing at Mobile World Congress next week.

Android CES 2015

Android! Android! Android! 7 important things to know from MWC 2015

So much news, so little time. Here's a simple breakdown of everything you need to know from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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