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apple card goldman sachs

Could Apple Card finally become an international service?

There was big interest when Apple partnered with Goldman Sachs and introduced Apple Card, but the two never managed to introduce the Cupertino credit card outside the US. Can this change?

Mac Wi-Fi

For Apple users, tips on improving Wi-Fi performance

At home or in the office, everyone needs better wireless connectivity. Here are a few ways to build back your networks better.

Android Lock Screen Widgets

The secret to a smarter Android lock screen

Turn your Android phone's lock screen into a true productivity powerhouse with this super-simple efficiency-enhancing hack.

The EU Data Act is a lot bigger than iCloud

The EU is taking a stand against vendor lock-in for data services, including IoT, connected device, and cloud services.

digital data surveillance eye with Windows logo

Apple warns that UK's Online Safety Bill puts people at 'greater risk'

Some laws don't make you safer. Apple has joined the chorus of those who know what they're talking about to warn against a UK bill that breaks end-to-end encryption.

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold: 7 unfiltered thoughts after 8 days with the device

Is the Google Pixel Fold the phone for you? This week-long journal from a Pixel fanatic and folding phone skeptic may help you decide.

Wi fi Certified

Wi-Fi 7 is coming — here's what to know

Have you invested in a Wi-Fi 6E-compatible router yet? Perhaps you never will, since the next-generation Wi-Fi 7 standard could appear in iPhones beginning in 2024.

tempo automation iiot factory

Apple is very serious about Industry 4.0

Apple knows its products are already used across the manufacturing industry; this week it held a special event dedicated to Industry 4.0 at the heart of its APAC manufacturing chain in Korea.

Apple business connect Maps place cards

Is your business missing out on a free Apple opportunity?

How your company appears in Apple Maps and Siri search matters when you have more than 1 billion people searching for you on iPhones.

Climate change, carbon footprint, carbon emissions, green tech

With its green commitments, Apple aims to go where consumers are

While many in the media focus on speed, feeds, and bezel size, consumers are becoming more interested in the environmental consequences of the products they use.

android launchers rocket ship

The best Android launchers for enhanced efficiency

Save time and make your Android home screen work better with the help of these eclectic tools.

2023 Mac family

Mosyle brings generative AI to Apple Device Management

The idea is that IT admins can use natural language to create scripts for fleets of managed Macs.

iPhone iOS App Store

Japan to force Apple to permit app sideloading next year

Japan has joined the EU with regulations that will force Apple to open up to sideloading apps on its iOS platforms.

yubikey 5ci 04

How and why to use FIDO Security Keys for Apple ID

In a world that needs Apple’s recently-improved Lockdown Mode to protect good people against bad actors, high-risk individuals should consider using physical security keys to protect their Apple ID.

Android Notifications

Android's hidden Smart Display superpower

Turn your phone into a completely customized intelligent info center with this two-minute, $0 trick.

HomeKit is going to be everywhere as ABB buys Eve Systems

We are about to see a huge increase in consumer exposure to smart home technologies, which should increase recognition and adoption of these systems.

Vision Pro

What will Apple’s vision for Apple Vision be in 2025?

If the Mac was a bicycle for the mind, Vision could turn out to be the invention of flight.

mobile device management

At WWDC, Apple hones in on device management

As far as Apple is concerned, declarative management is the future of device management — and IT admins need to get on board.

WWDC: 18+ ways Apple plans to make you more secure

Apple is focused on providing industry-leading privacy features and the best data security in the world. What did it announce at WWDC 2023?

Vision Pro WWDC 2023

WWDC: What’s new for enterprise admins and device management?

Apple Silicon, new Macs, and the new Vision Pro are the hardware stars at WWDC 2023, but IT pros need to know what Apple has to help them manage devices better.

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