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Apple gets ready for app sideloading in Europe

Apple is preparing to open up for sideloading from third-party app stores in Europe, new statements buried within its most recent financial filing show.

samsung message

Samsung jumps on the generative AI bandwagon with Gauss

Named for a German mathematician, Gauss AI technology — including a large language model (LLM), coding capabilities, and art generation features — could debut on upcoming Samsung devices.

Apple Pay Safari

The regulators are coming for Apple Pay

Apple Pay is next on the regulatory hit list as the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) moves to put large tech firms with digital payment platforms under stricter scrutiny.

iPad Air 2021

Has Apple's iPad lost its 'Post-PC' promise?

It seems strange that Apple announced updates to Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro one full week after introducing powerful new Macs on which to run its pro apps.

Replacing an iPhone battery

Apple eyes new battery tech for future devices

Apple may be developing its own battery technology with a view to introducing its own designs into mobile devices, perhaps as soon as 2025.

arrows showing upward trend growth chart graph

How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

Even as the US overall added jobs to the economy in October, the tech sector saw a drop in hiring and salaries.

Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

Apple’s results: Uneasy is the head that wears the crown

Apple's services wing is doing the work it was designed to do — keeping the company buoyant as it sails rough seas.

space black macbook pro

New Jamf CEO John Strosahl on Apple in the enterprise, Jamf's future

John Strosahl became CEO in September when he took over from Dean Hager. We caught up with him to discuss Apple's growing role in the enterprise and the future of his company.

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Apple teams up with US firms to push for clean energy

Leaning into its own experience, Apple has joined a number of large US corporations, including Nike, to launch the Clean Energy Procurement Academy.

Webex Apple TV

Cisco brings Webex to Apple Watch and Apple TV

In a hurry? You'll be able to use your Apple Watch and AirPods to make a Webex meeting —- or hold a videoconference using Apple TV.

facial recognition - biometric security identification

Android’s new biometric spec for 'strong security' is anything but

When Google rolled out its latest biometrics specs for Android devices, its top-level 'strong security' option allowed “a spoof and imposter acceptance rate not higher than 7%.” Most biometrics specialists argue that's much too high;...

Android evolution - roadmap

Android versions: A living history from 1.0 to 14

Explore Android's ongoing evolution with this visual timeline of versions, starting B.C. (Before Cupcake) and going all the way to 2023's Android 14 release.

iPhone iOS App Store

Apple’s latest China App Store problem is a warning for us all

As pressure grows for Apple to support app purchases from outside its App Store, reports the company has fired App Store staffers for 'business misconduct' should send a little chill up your spine.

iPhone 15 Pro action button

Apple’s iPhone factories are going to get much, much smarter

iPhone-maker Foxconn has teamed up with Nvidia to build a global network of 'AI factories.' What does this mean?

Windows 11 October 23 update: Microsoft event

10 new Windows 11 features in the October 2023 update to try now

Windows 11’s big update for the year isn’t only about artificial intelligence.

Google Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro

The one thing that might keep Google's Pixel 8 phones from selling

Hint: It has nothing to do with the devices' cameras or displays.

Apple Pencil 2018

University of Kentucky unlocks 60% cut in IT costs with Apple

'Apple devices cut our IT labor costs in half,' says the school's IT director, Bill Adams.

gift guide for fitness enthusiasts

Here are some of the ways Apple might use generative AI

I think Apple will introduce LLM support into numerous apps as small, locally run genAI models built to make life in those apps better.

WWDC Vision Pro digital crown

Apple Vision Pro anticipation leaves VR industry gasping

The VR industry has been sent into a tailspin by Apple's Vision Pro pre-announcement. Consumers aren't buying while they wait to see what these things will do.

Apple Self Service Repair

California's Apple-backed Right to Repair Act is the future of tech

We know the EU and other territories are developing similar legislation, which suggests that California’s new law may in the future be emulated everywhere.

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