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Chase EMV United card

Visa moves to streamline chip-card processing certifications

After months of frustrating delays for U.S. merchants that have been required to roll out payment systems that accept new, more secure computer chip credit and debit cards, Visa announced a series of remedies.

os1012 applepay pr print

Apple Pay to expand to the web

Shoppers will soon be able to buy merchandise with Apple Pay over the web from a Mac desktop or laptop, with the purchase authenticated via a buyer's fingerprint scan on their iPhone or a touch on their Apple Watch.


Forget fingerprints; Iris scans could validate mobile payments

Newer biometrics technologies beyond the use of fingerprint scans could boost adoption rates for mobile payments.

mobile payment wallet money smartphone

CurrentC mobile-payment pilot ends

It's uncertain whether merchants that had been accepting CurrentC -- including Target and Walmart -- still do so.

here is the future of apple pay

Here is the future of Apple Pay

Apple's payment service is going to do so much more as its technology gets woven into the digital transformation of everyday life.

MacBook Pro 2016 Apple

'Delayed' MacBook Pro 2016 to be thinner (says bored analyst)

The MacBook Pro 2016 line will be thinner and lighter. Shocking, I know -- but they'll also have Touch ID and a bunch of OLED soft keys, atop the keyboard...

Chip card payment confusion, anger rages on

Six months after U.S. retailers began assuming liability for debit and credit card fraud, only a fraction of the nation's in-store payment terminals can accept the highly secure chip-enabled cards.

The case for bitcoin

Cryptocurrency promises online transactions at lower cost and with better security. Will the current leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, succeed? The industry needs to get more creative.

visa car mobile payments

Visa shows in-car payments and with a wave of your hand

As Internet of Things devices become ubiquitous, consumers will someday pay for gas, parking and tolls from their cars without using a credit card or even stepping out of the vehicle.

on apple watch china and the fbi

On Apple Watch, China and the FBI

Apple Pay will define the success of Apple Watch in China -- but the FBI could undermine the plan

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 coming after up-to-29% discount? (and ST:C)

Apple Watch at $100 off: This is what’s been blowing up the fanboi feeds the past few days -- but what could it mean? Some say the Apple Watch 2 launch is nigh, so stockists are draining the channel of the original units...

new york city taxi 01

Security eureka moments in New York taxicabs

There’s something about a New York cab that lends itself to imparting lessons on technology and security.

Apple Pay sticker 2

Apple partners with UnionPay to bring Apple Pay to China

Apple has partnered with China UnionPay, the state-run company that is the country's only bank-card issuer, to bring Apple Pay to the People's Republic of China.

walmart pay

Walmart Pay gives retailer strategic advantage, building off existing app

Walmart jumped out with a natively built mobile payment technology that works with any iOS or Android phone and any major credit or debit card.

walmart pay

Walmart to roll out its own mobile payment system

Walmart is rolling out in its stores its own smartphone-based payment system that uses QR code technology rather than near-field communication, or NFC, which is used in the payment systems of Apple and Google.

Dollar signs digital readout cash money

Lenders may eye smartphone use before giving you a loan

Smartphone usage is likely to be tracked soon in the U.S. to determine whether you qualify for a loan or figure out what interest rate to charge.

Swatch Bellamy

Visa will help Swatch's not-so-smart watch make payments in US

Swatch's Bellamy is a 'smart' watch that tells time, makes payments and not much else

jack dorsey

Square IPO priced at $9, seen as test of whether tech startups are still hot

Payments processor Square priced its initial public offering at a level far lower than expected. The price was seen as a test of how public markets will evaluate new, high-flying startups some of which have seen valuations of more...

apple pay uk

Apple's P2P mobile payment service would 'create a shockwave' in the industry

If Apple creates a mobile person-to-person payment service as recently reported, it could rock the banking and payments world as never before, some analysts believe.

apple pay to change the world

Apple Pay: Apple's secret weapon for emerging economies

Person-to-person Apple Pay payments will widen Apple’s appeal in emerging economies

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