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WWDC 2023 Tim Cook

Three-quarters of large US firms now using more Apple devices — survey

Fully 76% of large businesses are using more Apple devices this year, an extensive US enterprise survey says.

icloud 2fa apple id

Managed Apple IDs, iCloud, and the shadow IT connection

Apple's expansion of managed IDs for business users opens the door to helpful features such as iCloud backup and syncing — but beware of increased data sprawl and siloes.

2023 Mac family

What is the Mac Evaluation Utility tool?

Mac Evaluation Utility is an application Apple built to help organizations integrate Macs more effectively within existing environments.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express with generative AI exits beta, available now

Adobe has been beta testing generative AI features within its Canva competitor, Adobe Express, for months. It's available for everyone as of today.

Apple Business Essentials

CDW now offers Apple Business Essentials direct to SMB customers

Business and enterprise solutions provider CDW is making Apple Business Essentials available to all its small business customers.

Mac family with Ventura

‘Windows is a declining ecosystem,' Jamf CEO says

Dean Hager argues that Windows is on its way out: “Organizations must realize that in 10 years’ time, Windows will not be the dominant ecosystem."

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7 questions to ask when considering a new Apple MDM platform

Understanding what you need from a potential MDM vendor can make the decision-making and migration processes easier and ensure a positive outcome in the long run.

2023 Mac family

Mosyle brings generative AI to Apple Device Management

The idea is that IT admins can use natural language to create scripts for fleets of managed Macs.

mobile device management

At WWDC, Apple hones in on device management

As far as Apple is concerned, declarative management is the future of device management — and IT admins need to get on board.

Vision Pro WWDC 2023

WWDC: What’s new for enterprise admins and device management?

Apple Silicon, new Macs, and the new Vision Pro are the hardware stars at WWDC 2023, but IT pros need to know what Apple has to help them manage devices better.

Addigy promises a fix for Apple devices stuck on OSUpdateScan

The company's MDM Watchdog Utility monitors the MDM framework on devices and automatically forces the installation of software patches when they have not been put in place.


If you worry about Big Tech, what do you expect from Big AI?

Consolidation, mergers and acquisitions in the AI industry will foster further coalescence of power in tech.

Fondo de macOS Ventura en un iMac

Jamf expands Apple device management and security suite

Jamf introduced new tools for enterprise tech managing Apple fleets, with improvements in security, deployment, provisioning, authentication and more.

hybrid workforce

7 tips for better hybrid workplaces

Dean Hager, CEO of leading Apple device management vendor Jamf, shares some insights on how to design better hybrid workplaces.

fleet macos disk encryption2x

Fleet announces open-source, cross-platform MDM solution

The fast-growing Apple enterprise space now has a new name to play with: Fleet has introduced its own open-source take on MDM with a cross-platform solution for macOS, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS.

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Amazon’s Sidewalk could be a big boon to business

What looks like a consumer play by the company is actually a largely untapped public resource for business — from startups to enterprises.

iOS 16.4 beta interface

What’s new for IT in the latest Mac, iPhone, and iPad updates?

The latest patches shouldn’t be judged by the dozens of new emoji they include; they also carry significant tweaks for IT admins managing fleets of devices.

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Why you should use Apple’s Rapid Security Response

A new Apple feature called Rapid Security Response is aimed at bolstering security for iPhone, iPad and Mac users. Here's what it does and why you should use it.

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