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Microsoft cuts Office 2016 some slack, lets users connect to services until 2023

Microsoft will let Office 2016 users connect to Microsoft's online services for three more years than the company had earlier said.

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Office 365 'Coming Soon' feature heralds a new era of user engagement

Given that Microsoft is working on fully collaborative product offerings, I expect more efforts between users and developers like this feature.

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Get caught up on your July and August Windows/Office patches

Many of you skipped the July patches, and for good reason — they were a mess. Now, finally, it looks as if the combined July and August patches are relatively stable, as long as you avoid the Intel microcode fiasco. Here’s how to...

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Microsoft brings AI transcription to OneDrive and SharePoint

The Office 365 content collaboration tools will get the update later this year. An AI-driven file recommendation feature is coming to OneDrive as well.

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Microsoft to end device limits for consumer Office 365 subscribers

The device limitations for Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers will disappear in October.

Computerworld Cheat Sheet - Microsoft Excel 2016

Excel 2016 cheat sheet

Are you getting the most from Microsoft Excel 2016? Get to know the key new features.

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FAQ: Office 2019 is coming; here's what you need to know

Microsoft has provided few details about the next non-subscription version of Office, coming next year. We've teased out some answers to pressing questions about the suite.

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Patching meltdown: Windows fixes, sloppy .NET, warnings about Word and Outlook

If you thought this month’s Windows/Office/.NET patching debacle couldn’t get any worse, hold my beer.

Microsoft Office Android App Support - Chromebook

Microsoft is flailing with Android app support on Chromebooks [Update: The saga continues]

Something really strange is happening with Microsoft's Office Android apps on Chromebooks, and it isn't serving anyone well.

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Non-security Office patches appear with the reprise of KB 2952664 and 2976978

We got the usual bunch of non-security Microsoft Office patches, and we saw the relaunch of two widely despised Windows 7 and 8.1 “compatibility appraiser” updates.

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Microsoft's plan to sell more Windows S devices

Microsoft is looking to regain momentum in the expanding mobile workforce that often has not been on a Microsoft platform.

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It’s time to install the September patches for Windows and Office

The September patches were problematic — a couple got pulled, a couple more replaced — but most of the bugs are now reasonably well known and understood.

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Buggy Word 2016 non-security patch KB 4011039 can’t handle merged cells

If you have Word 2016 documents with merged table cells, last Tuesday’s non-security patch likely made those cells unusable. Microsoft pulled the patch.

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Microsoft dropped Windows or Office patches 14 days this month

Remember when Patch Tuesday was invented to consolidate all of Microsoft's patches to once (or maybe twice) a month? Times have certainly changed.

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Microsoft releases fix for botched Office 2016 patch, KB 4011093

The non-security patch KB 4011051 had a bug that broke hyperlinks in Excel 2016. This manual patch fixes the bug.

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What to choose? A Communication or Team Site in SharePoint

As Microsoft continues to roll out the new Communication Site to more Office 365 users, your users will want to know: Do I need a Communication Site or a Team Site?

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Review: In Office 2016 for Windows, collaboration takes center stage

Long available in rivals such as Google Docs, real-time collaborative editing finally comes to Microsoft Office, along with a handful of other useful improvements.

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Microsoft releases KB 3213643, 2956078, 4011078, 4011052 to fix June Outlook security bugs

Six weeks after rolling out four botched security patches for Outlook, Microsoft claims it’s fixed the bugs — and tackled three new exposures to boot.

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