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Samsung jumps on the generative AI bandwagon with Gauss

Named for a German mathematician, Gauss AI technology — including a large language model (LLM), coding capabilities, and art generation features — could debut on upcoming Samsung devices.

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OpenAI DevDay: 3 new tools to build LLM-powered apps

Among the news from OpenAI's first developer conference, here are three products or platforms that might pique your interest for a generative AI project — plus one new open-source alternative in response.

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Microsoft to use Oracle’s OCI Supercluster for Bing conversational searches

Microsoft and Oracle have entered into a multiyear agreement to support inferencing of AI models that are being optimized to power Bing’s conversational searches.

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Q&A: ServiceNow CIO sees an 'iPhone moment' for genAI

Chris Bedi has been involved in a full-court press to take advantage of the productivity, efficiency, and efficacy capabilities of artificial intelligence for years. But when ChatGPT launched a year ago, everything changed.

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Elon Musk to take on ChatGPT with Grok AI

xAI team has warned that the chatbot is a “very early beta product” and has been unveiled with just two months of training.

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It’s time to take your genAI skills to the next level

The word of the year should be “complementarity.” Whoever best combines their existing skillset with AI knowledge wins.

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Q&A: Cisco CIO sees AI embedded in every product and process

After little more than a year on the job, Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn can already see that AI will create productivity and efficiency gains well worth the money spent on developing domain-specific models to address internal and external...

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Box taps Google Cloud's generative AI capabilities to extract metadata

Using Google’s Vertex AI platform, Box is rolling out new generative AI capabilities to improve how its enterprise customers are able to work.

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M365 Copilot, Microsoft’s generative AI tool, explained

Microsoft’s generative AI assistant is integrated within a host of the company's workplace apps. Here’s what enterprises need to know and what they can do to prepare for Microsoft 365 Copilot’s general release.

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AI software market to quadruple to $251B by 2027

Generative AI-based applications that can automatically learn, discover, and make recommendations or predictions based on user requests are leading the way.

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Jira Service Management gains AI-powered ITSM capabilities

Atlassian’s IT Service Management platform becomes the latest member in the company’s product portfolio to benefit from its AI offering, Atlassian Intelligence.

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Artists lose first copyright battle in the fight against AI-generated images

But the fight may not be lost as the court allowed the artists to claim copyright infringement against Stability AI, Midjourney, and DevianArt, on workpieces that the artists had filed a copyright for.

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Biden lays down the law on AI

The White House today issued a long-awaited executive order that hammers out clear rules and oversight measures to ensure artificial intelligence is kept in check, while also providing paths for it to grow.

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‘Data poisoning’ anti-AI theft tools emerge — but are they ethical?

New tools that can corrupt digitized artwork and other copyrighted materials are emerging to thwart generative AI models that scrape the internet to learn and provide content.

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Microsoft invested $13B in genAI — does Copilot for Windows show it’s a bad bet?

The much ballyhooed Copilot for Windows doesn't really add much to the operating system, or do much for users. So where's the ROI?

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Generative AI training data sets are now trackable – and often legally complicated

A new tool, Data Provenance Explorer, lets users pick through the questionable provenance of many large data sets used for AI training.

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White House to issue AI rules for federal employees

President Biden is expected to announce new rules requiring government agencies to more fully assess AI tools to ensure they're safe and don't expose sensitive information. The government is also expected to loosen immigration...

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Cisco unveils new AI strategy for its Webex videoconference platform

Cisco is set to roll out a host of new AI-powered capabilities for Webex, including an AI assistant and AI Codec solution.

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Google Cloud fails to cash in on generative AI

As enterprises optimize their cloud spending, Google Cloud has registered its slowest growth in three years.

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The genAI backlash: Should creative types poison the well?

Apple’s traditional core market of creative users is probably among those most likely to be impacted by AI, so should they poison the well? The people behind Nightshade think so.

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