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Jamf and MacBook
Hero image of macOS Sonoma

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Cisco: Macs in business boost productivity and security, cuts costs

Mac adoption isn’t just an employee choice; Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn argues that it’s a business imperative that delivers substantial benefits.

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Jamf touts Jamf Pro 11 at JNUC, its annual Apple IT admin event

The world’s biggest event for IT admins managing Apple devices, Jamf Nation User Conference, kicks off today in Austin, Texas.

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Message to IT: Update all your Apple devices right away

IT should immediately update all enterprise Apple devices with an essential security update to defend against an insidious NSO Group zero-click attack.

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MediaTek hints big speed boosts for upcoming iPhone, Macs

MediaTek is giving us some insight into how capable the new A- and M-series chips from Cupertino and made by TSMC really are.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Is that a Chromebook killer in your pocket, Tim Cook?

Apple may be planning a lower cost portable Mac to target the Chromebook market, says DigiTimes.

WWDC 2023 Tim Cook

Three-quarters of large US firms now using more Apple devices — survey

Fully 76% of large businesses are using more Apple devices this year, an extensive US enterprise survey says.

15 inch MacBook Air WWDC23

IDC sees big enterprise shift to Macs over next 12 months

The research firm anticipates the number of Macs sold to business users worldwide will jump by 20% between this year and 2024.

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Windows on Mac improves for professional environments

Highlights of the latest Parallels Desktop release include TouchID support for Windows, much improved Intune enrollment, and remote access to VM instances in the cloud.

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macOS Sonoma beta hints DFU boost for Mac admins

A fresh change buried in the latest macOS Sonoma beta should make it a little easier to get bricked Macs out of Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode.

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What is the Mac Evaluation Utility tool?

Mac Evaluation Utility is an application Apple built to help organizations integrate Macs more effectively within existing environments.

5 ways to prep an old iphone for a child turn on airplane mode 5

Jamf Threat Labs subverts iPhone security with fake Airplane Mode

Researchers built a proof-of-concept attack that tricks victims into thinking they are using Airplane Mode while attackers continue to gain network access.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express with generative AI exits beta, available now

Adobe has been beta testing generative AI features within its Canva competitor, Adobe Express, for months. It's available for everyone as of today.

Apple Business Essentials

CDW now offers Apple Business Essentials direct to SMB customers

Business and enterprise solutions provider CDW is making Apple Business Essentials available to all its small business customers.

Macbook Pro

Researchers build a scary Mac attack using AI and sound

Researchers have identified a frightening exploit that means attackers might be able to figure out what you type on your Mac — based on the sound of keyboard taps.

Tim Cook en la WWDC

Apple’s latest earnings results show the power of shrewd management

Services, investments in emerging markets, and accessories have given Apple the buoyancy it needs in challenging economic times.

Apple Silicon isn't waiting for the PC world to catch up

Apple is not resting on its laurels waiting for equivalently priced PCs to deliver the same computational performance at low power we now expect from Macs running Apple Silicon.

iOS 16.4.1 rapid security response

Apple's disappearing Rapid Security Response update (u)

If some services don’t seem to be working well this morning on your Apple device, it could be a recent Rapid Security Response Update that's to blame — but you're still better off.

15 inch MacBook Air WWDC23

Apple’s new 15-in. M2 MacBook Air is a consumer workhorse

While some compromises will drive pro users to remain pro, Apple's first 15-inch MacBook Air is a robust and reliable machine you can take anywhere.

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