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Google US antitrust trial: A timeline

The biggest antitrust trial of the century has kicked off, targeting Google's search business, and a second trial against the tech giant, focusing on advertising, is scheduled for next year. Here's an updated, play-by-play account of...

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Nonfiction authors sue OpenAI, Microsoft over copyright infringement

The lawsuit — one of several filed on similar grounds — comes amid continued controversy for the AI company as its founder Sam Altman returns after his surprise ouster last week.

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Meta and ByteDance dispute gatekeeper status of platforms under EU’s DMA

After the EU named Facebook Messenger and Marketplace, and TikTok gatekeeper platforms under its Digital Markets Act, both parents companies have decided to launch legal challenges against the designation.

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Google’s deal with Apple looms large as antitrust trial winds down

With the last witness being called to the stand this week in the Google antitrust trial, the tech giant’s default search deal that delivers billions each year into the coffers of its rival Apple will be key to the presiding judge's...

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Google antitrust trial: Pichai concedes that default search boosts market share

Google' star witness in its US antitrust trial, CEO Sundar Pichai, defended the company's business practices but drew attention to the importance of default search contracts as a driver of its market share.

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‘Data poisoning’ anti-AI theft tools emerge — but are they ethical?

New tools that can corrupt digitized artwork and other copyrighted materials are emerging to thwart generative AI models that scrape the internet to learn and provide content.

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Generative AI training data sets are now trackable – and often legally complicated

A new tool, Data Provenance Explorer, lets users pick through the questionable provenance of many large data sets used for AI training.

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Google used Microsoft’s monopoly playbook to crush Bing — now Microsoft cries foul

With hypocrisy on full display, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella takes Google to task for using the same tactics his own company perfected decades ago.

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Microsoft’s Nadella: Google could lock up AI-enabled search

As a witness for the prosecution in the Google antitrust trial, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella warns that Google’s monopoly profits could lock in publishers as AI-enabled search arrives.

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Will the FTC's Lina Khan succeed in breaking up Amazon?

The US Federal Trade Commission under legal star Lina Khan has charged Amazon with illegally maintaining a monopoly and seeks "structural relief," which could mean breaking off parts of its business.

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FTC renews legal challenge to Microsoft’s $69B purchase of Activision

The US Federal Trade Commission has revived proceedings to block the Microsoft-Activision merger as it awaits a ruling from a federal appeals court on a temporary injunction, and just weeks ahead of the expected close of the deal.

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Generative AI and US copyright law are on a collision course

The way in which US copyright law interacts with the burgeoning field of generative AI remains nebulous, and could cause problems for generative AI training that will come to a head in court cases.

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Google launches another appeal against 2017 EU antitrust ruling on shopping service

Despite its lack of success with a 2021 appeal, Google has once again sought to have its $2.6 billion fine overturned by arguing the EU has failed to prove its case.

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Gloves come off during day one of Google's antitrust trial

On the first day of Google's antitrust trial, the US Justice Department and 14 co-plaintiff states argued that Google's anticompetitive role in the search engine and search advertising markets threaten the future of the internet....


Google defends search business in biggest US antitrust case of the century so far

Shadows of the Internet Explorer trial of the ’90s loom as the government opens its trial against Google today, accusing the internet giant of illegally maintaining a monopoly on search.


FTC reported to be investigating OpenAI for consumer protection violations

OpenAI is reportedly under additional legal scrutiny, as the US Federal Trade Commission asks the company to give detailed explanations of its business practices.

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Sarah Silverman sues OpenAI, Meta over copyright infringement in AI training

The latest AI-related copyright lawsuits target OpenAI, again, as well as Meta, in a potentially critical case for artificial intelligence development.

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Shutterstock offers customers legal indemnity for AI-created image use

Stock photo giant Shutterstock said today that it will offer a legal indemnity to customers using a newly released AI image generation product.

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