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Pixel Slate vs Pixelbook

New Chromebook Features

8 noteworthy new features coming to Chromebooks this month

These hidden gems will make Chrome OS more versatile and powerful — but it's up to you to find 'em on your Chromebook.

laptop touchpad womens hands

What is now important in a new laptop and why you should care

What features should you prioritize in a laptop for the enterprise?

Google Pixel Slate

The Pixel Slate reality people seem to be missing

The common narrative surrounding Google's platform-straddling Pixel Slate shows that people haven't really been paying attention.

Google Nexus Chromebook Pixel Eulogy

The end of an era for Google hardware

This summer, we say farewell to a pair of legendary Google device lines that played pivotal roles in shaping Android, Chrome OS, and the company's current trajectory.

Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Creating a true 2-In-1: The new Lenovo Yoga Book c930

The Lenovo Yoga c930 comes the closest so far for a product that could truly cause users to leave their tablet behind.

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft ups effort to drive Surface Go adoption

In fact, what they’re doing just shows how serious they are about this new form factor.

surface pro 4

Microsoft finally stops screwing Surface Pro 4 owners with flickergate

In a well-orchestrated Friday night news dump, Microsoft has announced a reversal of its customer-antagonistic flickergate policy. If you have a Surface Pro 4 that flickers like a firefly in heat, you can now exchange it for a...

closeup of retro typewriter key with the letter B for blog

What everyone gets wrong about touchscreen keyboards

Think you’ll hate laptops with screens instead of keyboards? Here are 5 reasons why you’ll love them.


When does your Surface support life cycle end? Will it get fixed?

Microsoft seems to have yanked all of its information about Surface device life cycles. Older Surface owners, in particular, wonder if they’ll ever see Meltdown/Spectre patches.

smart plug

High-demand tasks for the Surface Book 2 swamp a plugged-in battery

In a surprising, and disappointing, demo from Digital Trends, a plugged-in Surface Book 2 running common but demanding tasks shows battery drain.

the always connected pc powered by qualcomm snapdragon

The critical path to success for the Always Connected PC

The Always Connected PC is a huge joint initiative by both Qualcomm and Microsoft, but often efforts like this are defined by what they don’t do well as opposed to what they do well.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2: the best product that never should have existed

In the end, while generally building a product as a parts supplier (any tier) is a bad idea, Surface and Hololens both showcase that every rule can have valid exceptions.

Microsoft's Surface tablet

Microsoft promises fixes for several long-standing Surface problems

A series of official comments on the Microsoft Answers forum give hope to those with bad batteries, pens and Type Covers, but opinions are divided whether they represent a real change in Microsoft’s support — or just wishful thinking...

surface book surface pro 4 resize2

Surface Pro with LTE: changing a mindset

If you find yourself on a laptop or tablet that is always connected in a year or so, you may have this new Surface product to thank for it.

Microsoft's Surface tablet

Surface Pro 4 screen shake/dead Type Cover problems fall on deaf ears

Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged well-documented problems with the Surface Pro 4, much less offered a solution. And SP4 owners are angry.

surface pro 4

Looking at a 1TB Surface Pro 2017? Make sure you know what you’re getting

The new 1TB Surface Pro 2017 actually has two 512GB drives buried inside. That saves Microsoft money, but it drives some owners nuts.


Microsoft gets sloppy with Surface

Consumer Reports can’t recommend Microsoft Surface laptops, and neither can I.

MSI GT75VR Titan

MSI GT75VR Titan Hands-on: It's heavy into VR

MSI GT75VR Titan is big, beefy, and one of the first HDR-ready laptops, with not one but two HDR-ready options, and of course it's VR-ready. But is something this heavy really portable? Check out our detailed hands-on here.

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