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2017 IT jobs report: Southeast region

Atlanta skyline
Ever-growing demand for technology pros of all stripes makes the jobs...

2017 IT jobs report: Northeast region

New York City taxi cab
Higher-than-average salaries reflect the red-hot job market for IT...

2017 IT jobs report: South Central region

Dallas downtown at night
For many IT skills, job openings outnumber candidates in the South Central...

2017 IT jobs report: North Central region

Chicago, Illinois
Check out our salary listings for 30 IT jobs in North Central region of...

2017 IT jobs report: Mountain region

Phoenix, Arizona
IT job candidates have the upper hand in many cities in the Mountain...

2017 IT jobs report: Pacific region

Seattle skyline sunset [ CC BY 2.0 / manleyaudio ]
The Pacific region of the U.S. offers a plethora of job opportunities for...

Do IT certifications still matter?

marketing certifications hp
IT certifications are a hot topic. But are they necessary?
Employee handcuffed to keyboard
An attorney warns about the gotchas in employment contracts; security jobs...

How Computerworld's 2017 IT Salary Survey was conducted

feedback / survey / questionnaire
A look at the methodology used to collect data for Computerworld's 31st...

4 high-growth tech fields with top pay

high growth top pay 2
Salaries are rising for most IT jobs, but four specialties in particular...

How to motivate the modern tech worker

how to motivate the modern tech worker 2
When it comes to attracting and retaining IT talent, money talks -- but...
roller coaster hang tight cc0 by angie via pexels
Our annual survey shows moderate 3% growth in IT pay -- but salaries could...
Want to be part of next year's IT Salary Survey? Fill out a short form and...

Read Computerworld’s April digital magazine!

Computerworld digital magazine April 2017 cover
In this edition: The 2017 IT Salary Survey results are in! Our annual...
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