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Just one more reason we, um, love HR

IT pilot fish's former co-worker is job hunting and asks fish for a favor: Can I use you as a reference? But once the co-worker is hired, fish discovers a new problem.

What are they gonna do -- flunk us?

This contract programmer also does training classes, and one client asks him to help train programmers for a shift to using Oracle -- but not everybody is on board.

New year, same old problems

This IT contractor pilot fish is counting his New Year's blessings -- which include avoiding many of the usual headaches that afflict his regular-payroll co-workers.

Just our way of saying hello

It's several Decembers ago, and this IT pilot fish is set to start a new job as a SQL reporting specialist at a big company -- and they're ALMOST ready for him.

Thermostat Wars: The Last Degree

Two co-workers in this IT department are locked in not-quite-mortal combat over one of the highest-stakes elements of their professional lives: the office temperature.

At last, a place that really appreciates him!

Freshly hired C++ programmer goes to work in this IT department, and in short order there's just one question on everyone's lips: What the heck IS it with this guy?

CIO Leadership Live EP 02

CIO Leadership Live with Ron Guerrier, CIO at Farmers Insurance | Ep 2

In this episode, host Maryfran Johnson and Ron Guerrier, CIO at Farmers Insurance, discuss building an IT innovation ecosystem, and the impact of next-generation technologies on the insurance industry.

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Is your company a great place to work in IT?

Computerworld's annual Best Places to Work in IT list showcases organizations that offer top compensation, training and access to hot technologies. Nominate an organization for the 2018 list!

Who says IT contractors don't get any perks?

This IT contractor is in the same boat as employees when it comes to being asked to work unpaid overtime to meet unreasonable deadlines -- but he does have an advantage.

I'd love to help, and I will, if you'll just...

This pilot fish has been both a regular IT employee and a consultant, and he's noticed a few key differences in what that means in practice -- especially with users.

Scrum Master Role Explained

The scrum master role explained

Watch this instructional video to understand how a scrum master can help a team learn agile development and follow a scrum process to develop new applications

Now THAT'S a job interview!

It's the 1990s, and this network admin is interviewing for a job at a manufacturing plant -- where he quickly learns just how unusual the IT procurement process is.

windows keyboard shortcuts

7 free and cheap ways to learn about Windows administration

These projects can help you get real on-the-job experience before you get the job.

Annual reviews, reinvented

This pilot fish has worked in his company's IT department for more than two decades, and somehow he's never quite made his peace with the annual employee review process.

Apple iPhone X

How the iPhone X changes the way you use iOS

The iPhone X has no home button, which means users have a whole new set of gestures to learn if they're going to navigate iOS 11 successfully. It also means corporate training materials will need updates, along with changes in app...

Two hands reaching and creating a spark of electricity

IT reaches for its full potential

Technology permeates our lives. This is no time for IT to flounder within the enterprise.

CIO Leadership live with Bernie Gracy of Agero

CIO Leadership Live with Bernie Gracy, Chief Digital Officer of Agero | Ep 1

In this lively hourlong discussion, Maryfran Johnson, executive director of CIO programs for CIO Events and the CIO Executive Council, talks with Bernie Gracy, Chief Digital Officer of Agero, the largest provider of roadside...

Something needs adjusting, just not on the monitor

IT pilot fish hits his 60th birthday and, once the party's over, begins to notice that he's having trouble reading his monitor -- and none of the usual adjustments helps.

mobile device management

The future of mobility: Are we asking the right questions?

The shape of the future is discernible if we can find the relevant patterns.

Gee, why won't companies pay for training anymore?

This company goes whole hog for Six Sigma, and that means days of training for everybody in IT -- but not everyone wants to get officially certified in the methodology.

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