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OpenAI to use GPT-4 LLM for content moderation, warns against bias

The company expects to eliminate undesired biases introduced during training with the involvement of humans in the loop.

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IT leaders want AI but but accelerating development stirs fears: Report

While IT leaders are optimistic about AI, the speed at which the technology is developing has led them to question their organizations' readiness to implement it, according to a report from AMD.


How to build employee trust as AI gains ground

One in four workers do not feel trusted by their employer, and as more organizations roll out or pilot AI platforms to unlock efficiencies, employees are fearful of being replaced by a machine.

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Hybrid work is entering the 'trough of disillusionment'

As more organizations, including governments, call employees back to the office at least part of the workweek, the love affair with remote and hybrid work may be cooling off.

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EEOC Commissioner: AI system audits might not comply with federal anti-bias laws

The emerging patchwork of laws and regulations governing the use of AI in finding, hiring, and promoting workers serve as reminders that, regardless of the technology in use, a company remains liable for federal civil rights...

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Companies that trialed a 4-day workweek continue to reduce time on the clock

Six months after the end of a four-day workweek study, companies that participated continued to cut back on hours, claiming employees are happier and just as productive.

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Lawyers and Incident Response can be a dangerous combo

In many ways, lawyers, CIOs and CISOs have the same mission: protect the enterprise from forces that want to do harm. But those two professions often approach the task in such polar opposite ways that they fight each other instead of...

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Should SMBs worry about a recession?

In a word, no. Companies that think they have to pull back on investments and cut head count are on the wrong track.

Should SMBs worry about a recession?

In a word, no. Companies that think they have to pull back on investments and cut head count are on the wrong track.

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IT is driving new enterprise sustainability efforts

Actions go above and beyond energy efficiency initiatives to support broader environmental, social, and governance frameworks.

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The shadow IT fight — 2023 style

Gaining visibility into anything IT-related is always difficult, but the age-old nemesis, shadow IT, remains a major problem — especially as the enterprise environment has changed.

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Do business Macs still need to run Windows?

The ability to run Windows opened the door for Macs in the enterprise. But in the modern business world, Windows is optional — and sometimes the other options are better.

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Prepare for generative AI with experimentation and clear guidelines

Figure out your most probable use cases and get the tech into users’ hands, with guardrails. Expect to adapt your business processes as the technology matures.

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Schools look to ban ChatGPT, students use it anyway

ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies are already being used by students to write essays and answer questions posed by teachers and professors, and academia must learn to incorporate and not ban these new tools, experts say.

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Nearly four in five employers struggle to fill job roles, a 17-year high

A plethora of job openings and dearth in available talent make an odd juxtaposition with numerous high-profile layoffs in the technology industry and elsewhere during the past six months.

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Q&A: Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn on the challenges of a hybrid workplace

Securing Cisco's networks, creating and maintaining company culture, and dealing with a dearth of IT talent are among the difficult issues with which Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn says he's grappling.

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Q&A: Schneider Electric CIO talks IT staffing, sustainability, and digital transformation

Bobby Cain recently took over as Schneider Electric's CIO for North America and immediately faced many of the same issues other tech firms routinely address. To address them, he says, the role of a CIO must change.

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