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Onboarding remote employees doesn't have to be hard

Since not all employees return to the office, companies must onboard remote employees effectively

Amazon's return-to-office mandate won't work out

No matter how many companies demand that their employees return to the office, the shift to remote work that occurred during the pandemic isn't going anywhere.

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How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

A seesaw effect seems to have taken hold as unemployment in IT rose in August after falling significantly the month before.

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The most in-demand AI skills — and how companies want to use them

Studies from job listings and professional networking sites detailed the top attributes would-be hires are highlighting and companies are seeking. No surprise: various AI skills top that list.

The future of work is AI-enhanced and remote

Two of the biggest unresolved questions in business this year are whether remote work is here to stay and how AI will affect jobs. We're starting to get some clues about the answers.


Q&A: TIAA's CIO touts top AI projects, details worker skills needed now

Sastry Durvasula, the chief information and client services officer at TIAA, has been leading an initiative to deploy AI in a myriad of business operations to create greater efficiencies and improve client experiences.

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Biden: Get federal workers back in the office

An email from the White House to Cabinet members urged them to get employees back into federal buldings in order to improve service and "customer experience."

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Gamers: Corporate America wants you

Companies struggling to find tech talent are keenly focused on hiring workers with skills, not just a computer science degree. Soft skills, in particular, are highly sought after — especially those gamers acquire while gaming.

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Companies that trialed a 4-day workweek continue to reduce time on the clock

Six months after the end of a four-day workweek study, companies that participated continued to cut back on hours, claiming employees are happier and just as productive.

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Cisco says this week’s layoffs were announced last November

But employees say whether the layoffs are fresh or previously announced, they’re still losing their jobs.

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AI-skills job postings jump 450%; here's what companies want

Job listings that include AI-based skills are growing rapidly as organizations look to create new efficiencies internally and for clients. But there's a dearth of AI-skilled talent, so many companies are training employees while...

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Q&A: HPE global talent exec credits AI, chatbots for bolstering hiring

HPE has been using AI-based talent acquisition technology that has literally turned a lackluster career site and hiring process on its head and reached more than 950,000 candidates.

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NYC law governing AI-based hiring tools goes live

The new law, aimed at organizations using automated hiring tools, will require regular audits of those tools to prove they don't have baked-in biases against gender or race.

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AI will kill these jobs (but create new ones, too)

While experts agree AI will automate many manual, low-level tasks, it will also free up workers to take on more important jobs, such as project management and AI training and auditing.

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IT firms expect to increase hiring next quarter, ManpowerGroup says

Global staffing firm ManpowerGroup surveyed nearly 6,000 US employers and found that far from laying off employees, companies are still on the hunt for tech talent.

Should SMBs worry about a recession?

In a word, no. Companies that think they have to pull back on investments and cut head count are on the wrong track.

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Q&A: For UST’s CTO, AI is ‘a necessary evil’

Niranjan Ramsunder, CTO of UST, has been learning how generative AI can create efficiencies and reduce costs for the IT services firm’s clients, while at the same time navigating the technology’s considerable risks.

No, digital nomads aren’t pricing locals out of their homes

The claim that traveling remote workers are causing housing inflation has no basis in fact.


LinkedIn lays off 716 staffers, to shut China job app

The layoffs, which come at a time when the company is turning 20, are part of the company’s new strategy to match evolving market conditions, CEO Ryan Roslansky said in a letter to employees.

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