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Throwback Thursday: Just one thing

IT consultant pilot fish gets a panicked call from a client: The network and VoIP phones have all stopped working, but all anyone in the office did was go into a meeting.

Why DOES it take IT so long to solve user problems?

This seasoned accountant has years of experience at a government agency, and plenty to keep her busy -- if IT can just keep the systems up long enough for her to log in.

Infinite loop

It's status update time in this IT shop, and one team member at a remote office is asked for a progress report on several projects -- but it's not exactly about progress.

Nothing like planning ahead

This big national meeting has been scheduled for months, and it starts on Monday -- so who's guaranteed to turn up at the IT manager's office late Friday afternoon?

abstract blockchain representation

Q&A: How might blockchain 2.0 pan out?

Toby Simpson, CTO at new startup Fetch, talks about how he is blending the best of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and distributed ledger tech.

ibm logo

IBM Think 2018 shows how Watson has gone wireless

The IBM Think 2018 conference was like World of Watson 2.0. This year they did a much better job showing how AI, the cloud, IoT and IoTT are using wireless and starting to transform the lives of every business and every consumer.

windows mixed reality viewer app

What you should know about mixed reality

Here's a look at where mixed reality is heading and how it will change what we think of as the 'real' world and collaborate at work.

It's a miracle!

Company is hired to install new PCs with AutoCAD for a customer that designs custom conveyor systems -- a relatively simple job that's taking much longer than it should.

Sometimes that penny just takes a while to drop

Programmer pilot fish receives an email with an attached document and a pretty standard request: Make updates and return it. But then the sender adds a new requirement.

Well, since you offered...

Pilot fish gets a call from the IT manager, who wants to know if fish has set up the extension number for a new accounting employee -- and things go downhill from there.

Consulting like it's 1999

It's a year before Y2K, and this company is desperate to make sure its workstations and aging mainframe make it to the year 2000. But there's a plan -- and a consultant.

repair and replace broken mobile devices managed mobility services

California eyes 'right to repair' smartphone law, may join 17 other states

California could join a growing number of states seeking to enact "Right to Repair" laws that let consumers take smartphones and other devices to third-party repair shops or fix them at home without voiding warranties.

Smart, redefined

Healthcare IT vendor decides to improve its corporate IT help desk's productivity by rolling out a new approach to user support called Smart Help -- and it's not helping.

collaboration brainstorming mobile [ - CC0 via Unsplash]

A new mindset drives a new way forward

We need to rethink collaboration solutions.

Throwback Thursday: Doing it the hard way

One of this software manager's more IT-challenged users approaches him to ask for a lesson in attaching documents to emails -- which it turns out he really, REALLY needs.

The price of quality

This company's parts require rigorous quality control, and they're X-rayed before they're shipped to customers -- but that's not quite as useful as it needs to be.

So THAT'S what we've been paying him for!

This well-respected database analyst has two decades of successful experience handling the company's SQL Servers -- and a new manager who thinks he's past his prime.

Well, THAT worked out well, don'cha think?

It's almost Y2K, and this big insurance company has come up with a bright idea for keeping future IT costs down: Lay off 10 percent of the IT staff every decade.

collaboration tool icons scattered on a conference table

Why the best work tools play nicely together

As innovation continues to provide companies more specialized options to solve their business problems, enterprise tech that is thoughtful about how it integrates with other platforms will continue to flourish.

Oh, THERE it is!

Manager informs an IT team at this government agency that several people have missed mandatory weekly meetings. But one AWOL team member has an explanation -- sort of.

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