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Apple goes shopping

Apple took some of its repatriated cash assets and went shopping -- acquiring over the past year Shazam, Dialog Semi, Spektral, and Asaii.


Apple seizes power

Apple’s deal with Dialog Semi gives Apple access to cutting-edge wireless power technologies.

Computerworld - Mingis on Tech - video podcast teaser [3x2/1800x1200]

Mingis on Tech: Data breaches and the rise of 'surveillance capitalism'

Facebook and Google recently owned up to new data breaches affecting millions of users. It's not the first time. It won't be the last. CSO's J.M. Porup explains what's really going on.

teamwork - collaboration

Collaboration fosters innovation

Three ways organizations can successfully embrace the modern workplace.

'blockchain' set in metal type against a circuit board

The world’s two largest enterprise blockchain groups join forces

Hyperledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance are teaming up to promote blockchain technology to companies and to collaborate on development efforts.

Pretty sure that's a 'Critical hardware failure'

This sysadmin is the IT Guy for several branch offices, so everything related to IT lands on his desk -- but it seems not everyone has the same definition of "IT"

iphone xs max

Apple is the future of enterprise IT, Salesforce deal confirms

Apple’s deal with Salesforce is profoundly important in terms of the company’s continued push into enterprise IT.

Remember, you can't say @#$%! without !

IT manager sends every email out with a "high priority" tag, but this message seems to be even more urgent than usual, and a response is definitely required -- sort of.

wwdc18 arkit usdz2

This small iOS 12 feature is the birth of a whole industry

With iOS 12, Apple’s USDZ AR file support just reached your iPhone -- and it's going to kick-start the new industry.

iphone xs dual sim support schiller

Apple’s Dual SIM tech is right place, right time

While only a few carriers will support Dual SIM at first, that number will grow fast. Here is everything you need to know about the new Dual SIM tech.

snapdragon wear 3100

Smartwatches finally evolve into a viable platform

Why Qualcomm's latest move is a game-changer for both the smartwatch and watch markets.

apple invitation gather round2

An enterprise take on Apple’s 2018 iPhones

Enterprise-focused topics to watch for in Apple's big iPhone event on Sept. 12.

Another satisfied IT customer!

Pilot fish is installing a system for a bank, and some days his liaison, the department manager, is open and helpful -- while other days, not at all. Why could that be?

p1240381 11

Office 365 'Coming Soon' feature heralds a new era of user engagement

Given that Microsoft is working on fully collaborative product offerings, I expect more efforts between users and developers like this feature.

speech recognition / voice control / virtual assistant on a mobile phone

There’s some way to go before Siri controls the world

Tom Hebner, Worldwide Leader of the Cognitive Innovation Group at Nuance Communications, discusses voice search and the emerging future of AI.

Well, you asked for it!

This client sends data updates by fax, with type so small it's almost impossible to read. Data entry guy's plea: Could you please send the next update in a larger format?

Faster and easier? That's not in the contract

Hardware tech for a large-scale communications contractor comes out of his manager's office looking pretty unhappy, and this pilot fish asks what's got him down.

Why we love being on-call

Software developer works at a university teaching hospital doing support for problems the help desk can't handle -- and lucky him, he has the pager for Labor Day weekend.

Well yeah, that IS something important...

Call comes into this third-party corporate IT support group that someone needs to be sent to a big client halfway across the country -- because something important broke.

It's a hospital. Where else do you find a Doctor?

It's go-live time for a big hospital IT project, which means hundreds of overhead monitors have to be configured -- and one very picky nurse is unhappy with the results.

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