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C'mon, what could possibly go wrong?

It's the late 1980s, and this record label's ordering and manufacturing are all controlled by up-to-date data-processing technology -- which means a lot of punch cards.

calendar and hourglass

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CIO Leadership Live with Elizabeth Hackenson, CIO at Schneider Electric | Ep 18

In this episode, host Maryfran Johnson talks with Elizabeth Hackenson, CIO at Schneider Electric, about talent acquisition, Schneider Electric's new capabilities on mobile devices, and the value of having a "healthy paranoia" about...

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Hell froze over: Microsoft moves Edge to Chromium

This move is not only good for users, it showcases both a new Microsoft and a new, more successful tech industry approach to success for everyone.

The name that must not be, um, Skyped?

This pilot fish needs to install Skype on her home computer, but she's having trouble getting it set up -- it seems Microsoft really doesn't approve of her name.

Throwback Thursday: Present company excepted

One of IT's jobs in this city government is to be the first-level gatekeepers of ergonomic policy -- though not everybody seems to believe that applies to them.

Apple Event [2018-10-30] > Laura Legros unveils the new MacBook Air.

Apple puts its money where its mouth is for more women in tech

With its Entrepreneur Camp, Apple is trying to do something positive to support women tech entrepreneurs.

ThrowBlack Friday: Let me repeat that

Retailer's director of stores decides that every time a store employee gets an email, a copy should automatically go to the employee's supervisor. How's that working out?

Throwback Thursday: That WOULD explain it!

User's computer won't boot, so this support pilot fish begins his troubleshooting questions at the beginning -- which, it turns out, still isn't quite early enough.

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Seagate is testing a blockchain ledger to track hard drives

Seagate and IBM have partnered to build a blockchain distributed ledger to track tens of millions of hard drives as they move through the supply chain from array manufacturers to technology integrators.

It was history -- and now it's history. Help!

It's the mid-1990s, and this recording studio is about to do some work for a VIP client -- one who really needs the studio's best practices when it comes to data backups.

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Should Microsoft help the Pentagon ‘increase lethality’?

Selling its AI and cloud expertise for use in Project JEDI might be patriotic — or a violation of its stated principles.

It's a powerful machine, but not THAT powerful

It's a dark and stormy night when this IT pilot fish gets a call from an older customer with a departmental system -- and a fear that he has done some serious damage.

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Apple in the enterprise? It’s nice, but you may need bigger change

No matter how many Macs, iPads, iPhones or even Surface devices you roll out at work, if you’re not prepared to change how you do business you’re probably on borrowed time.

smart city - virtual reality [VR] / augmented reality [AR]

Why augmented reality has surpassed virtual reality as the potential next big thing

An initial focus on business offerings, even with some missteps, has allowed augmented reality to have success.

Fletcher Previn, CIO, IBM

Macs@IBM: An interview with IBM CIO Fletcher Previn

I spoke with Previn to discuss IBM’s adoption of Apple’s platforms, and to get some insight into how to run a successful choice program.

Throwback Thursday: Urgent, redefined

Pilot fish is on-call for the weekend but he wants to spend time with a friend, so he gets a co-worker to cover for him. That's fine -- until something urgent comes up.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Complete transcript, video of Apple CEO Tim Cook's EU privacy speech

Apple CEO, Tim Cook spoke up for privacy at a conference of European privacy commissioners in Brussels this morning.

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Interview: SAP talks about its 100,000+ Apple devices

SAP’s vice president of enterprise mobility, Martin Lang, explains how the company uses Jamf to manage its huge fleet of 17,000+ Macs, 83,000 iOS devices, and 170 Apple TVs.

Computerworld > The Evolution of the iPad > The Original iPad

It was the iPad that put Apple in the enterprise

Apple’s iPhone is pervasive in the enterprise, but it’s important to note how the iPad helped reinforced Apple's workplace presence.

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