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The blockchain market is hot; here's how to learn the skills for it

While most techies who add blockchain to their skillset are versed in programming languages, it’s by no means a prerequisite for learning the technology. Here’s why the blockchain market is hot and how to take advantage of the current...

The Big Lie, IT contracting edition

It's early in this programmer's IT contracting career and he's hired for a fairly short gig, but the consulting company says not to worry -- it'll take care of him.

Hey, are you getting paid to talk or to work?

This pilot fish has worked as an IT staffer and as a consultant, and he knows there can be some real disadvantages to the better-paid but less stable contracting life.

Dealing with stress in the wrokplace

Technostress is killing productivity. Culture is the cure.

Pay attention to the technology malady of our time. It's making your employees miserable — and unproductive.

No Parking Zone

City hires an IT contractor for the help desk for a few months, and it soon becomes clear that, when it comes to temp workers, HR and IT have very different priorities.

Gee, isn't it nice to be wanted?

This company is really happy with the work of an IT consultant who's on a project for them -- and won't let go, even though the consultant feels like he's stuck in a rut.


This IT shop has a programmer who's very good at C and C++, but has some very nasty personality quirks -- and an annoying tendency to aim them at his co-workers.

What goes around...

It's the 1980s, and this pilot fish is taking a Cobol class where the professor's anger over her messy divorce spills into her classroom -- and he's on the receiving end.

The 85 percent solution

It's a few years back, when this IT consultant pilot fish is working in the aerospace and defense industry at a company with an interesting idea for paying employees.

Well, SOMEBODY saw some improvement from this

Pilot fish is responsible for this consulting business's employee performance improvement program -- but not every problem employee is all that interested in improving.

Promises, promises

Company hires a recent college IT grad, promising he'll work with the latest and greatest technology. But once he's on board, that's not how he's spending his time.

Just one more reason we, um, love HR

IT pilot fish's former co-worker is job hunting and asks fish for a favor: Can I use you as a reference? But once the co-worker is hired, fish discovers a new problem.

What are they gonna do -- flunk us?

This contract programmer also does training classes, and one client asks him to help train programmers for a shift to using Oracle -- but not everybody is on board.

New year, same old problems

This IT contractor pilot fish is counting his New Year's blessings -- which include avoiding many of the usual headaches that afflict his regular-payroll co-workers.

Just our way of saying hello

It's several Decembers ago, and this IT pilot fish is set to start a new job as a SQL reporting specialist at a big company -- and they're ALMOST ready for him.

Thermostat Wars: The Last Degree

Two co-workers in this IT department are locked in not-quite-mortal combat over one of the highest-stakes elements of their professional lives: the office temperature.

At last, a place that really appreciates him!

Freshly hired C++ programmer goes to work in this IT department, and in short order there's just one question on everyone's lips: What the heck IS it with this guy?

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Is your company a great place to work in IT?

Computerworld's annual Best Places to Work in IT list showcases organizations that offer top compensation, training and access to hot technologies. Nominate an organization for the 2018 list!

Who says IT contractors don't get any perks?

This IT contractor is in the same boat as employees when it comes to being asked to work unpaid overtime to meet unreasonable deadlines -- but he does have an advantage.

I'd love to help, and I will, if you'll just...

This pilot fish has been both a regular IT employee and a consultant, and he's noticed a few key differences in what that means in practice -- especially with users.

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