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Why Apple's iOS 16.6 upgrade will be talk of the town

iMessage Contact Key Verification is expected in iOS 16.6, which should arrive around WWDC, setting the scene for new product launches at the show.

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Apple bans employees from using ChatGPT. Should you?

Apple has joined a growing list of businesses banning use of ChatGPT and other similar cloud-based generative AI services to protect data confidentiality.

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Safari alternatives: 12 smart iOS browser options

While all iOS browsers use the same core rendering engine as Safari, many of them offer additional functions useful in business. Here are a dozen Safari alternatives to test drive.

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Apple innovates in accessibility as WWDC nears

Apple has introduced a range of innovative accessibility features to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). These make powerful use of LiDAR and machine vision intelligence.


Apple, Google team up to tackle Bluetooth tracker-stalking terror

Android users will soon be able to tell whether they're being tracked by an Apple AirTag device as Google and Apple have joined forces to combat stalking.

iOS 16.4.1 rapid security response

Apple, platform security, and the next big war

'I think some of the top people predict that the next big war is fought on cybersecurity,' Apple CEO Tim Cook told Time in 2016. Seven years later, it seems clear the struggle is real.

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Jamf expands Apple device management and security suite

Jamf introduced new tools for enterprise tech managing Apple fleets, with improvements in security, deployment, provisioning, authentication and more.

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Security researchers uncover NSO Group iPhone attacks in Europe

Researchers at Jamf Threat Labs have identified additional attacks against iPhones used by human rights activists and journalists in the Middle East and Europe, including one working for a global news agency.

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Think Android 14 seems boring? Think about this.

Google's initial Android 14 beta release may seem modest on the surface, but there's a whole other side to the software most folks are failing to notice.

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NSO Group returns with triple iOS 15/16 zero-click spyware attack

The NSO Group hasn’t gone away; the privatized spying service was active in 2022 with zero-click exploits against iOS 15 and iOS 16, according to Citizen Lab.

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How will Apple help IT manage third-party app stores?

Apple at WWDC may confirm a dramatic change to how it runs app purchasing on iPhones by permitting users to download apps from third-party stores.

Continuity Camera as webcam

Apple’s new patent hints at powerful video collaboration tools

A newly published Apple patent describes numerous ways Apple may plan to improve collaboration on its systems, including interesting new gesture controls.

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Apple wants you to upgrade your systems

Apple wants users to upgrade to the most modern versions of the OS, potentially as the company works to expand its product ecosystem.


Researchers warn of Wi-Fi security flaw affecting iOS, Android, Linux

The vulnerability could let attackers hijack network traffic; iOS, Linux, and Android devices may be affected.

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Apple's WWDC is coming — what should enterprise users expect?

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, promised a lot when she said, “WWDC23 is going to be our biggest and most exciting yet.” Will Apple live up to the hype?

iOS 16.4 beta interface

What’s new for IT in the latest Mac, iPhone, and iPad updates?

The latest patches shouldn’t be judged by the dozens of new emoji they include; they also carry significant tweaks for IT admins managing fleets of devices.

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Apple Reality tidbits continue to leak — is the product really ready?

For most business leaders, it’s unfortunate when product news leaks ahead of time. But when secrets shared to a hand-picked cohort of senior managers leak, it shows something is wrong.

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Cisco boosts Webex on iPad with Stage Manager and better multitasking

Users now get multiple display support, Stage Manager and can share assets in different displays/windows while in a meeting.

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