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iPad Pro 2018

What is 'Return to Service' on iPhone and iOS — and how is it used?

Return to Service is a newly-introduced device management tool designed to make it much easier to handle transient deployments and semi-shared devices.

iPhone 15 lineup

Apple and the wireless industry invite you aboard Qi2

Charging devices that support the iPhone-friendly Qi2 wireless charging standard are on the way. Android users shouldn’t be upset, as some Android manufacturers might eventually support it in their products.

cw iphone to android

iPhone to Android: The ultimate switching guide

Ready to make the move from iOS to Android? Here's everything you need to successfully switch from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or any other Android device.

apple security

What is Contact Key Verification and how is it used?

Apple’s iMessage will soon offer a new secure identity verification system enterprise professionals might want to use: Contact Key Verification.

Nothing Chats

Nothing announces iMessage support for Android

Apple has said nothing as Nothing brings iMessage support to Android — but is the system really safe?


Is this how Apple will support app sideloading in Europe?

Apple is currently beta testing a Managed App Distribution (MAD) system that could conceivably be used to support third-party app stores on iPhones.

Computerworld > The Evolution of the iPhone [cover]

The evolution of Apple's iPhone

As the iPhone ages, let's look at how the now-iconic device has matured since its arrival in 2007.

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Apple gets ready for app sideloading in Europe

Apple is preparing to open up for sideloading from third-party app stores in Europe, new statements buried within its most recent financial filing show.

Apple Pay Safari

The regulators are coming for Apple Pay

Apple Pay is next on the regulatory hit list as the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) moves to put large tech firms with digital payment platforms under stricter scrutiny.


Does Siri dream of ChatGPT?

Business leaders must accept that as digital transformation accelerates, the only certainty is change — and Siri isn't the only one to fall behind.

iPhone iOS App Store

Apple’s latest China App Store problem is a warning for us all

As pressure grows for Apple to support app purchases from outside its App Store, reports the company has fired App Store staffers for 'business misconduct' should send a little chill up your spine.

globe / Africa

When will Apple open its first African retail store?

Chasing growth, Apple has global ambitions and is doing its level best to establish a foothold in every territory that may deliver economic buoyancy as traditional markets face steep decline.

virtual eye / digital surveillance, privacy / artificial intelligence / machine learning

Homeland Security confirms your privacy is no longer safe

The US Department of Homeland Security reports that multiple US government agencies illegally used smartphone location data, breaching privacy regulations as they did.

Apple Store iPhone

Are you looking forward to the new age of mobile app insecurity?

Every day, Apple’s online and physical stores handle thousands of inquiries that relate to issues with third-party products. Sideloading will make it worse.

iPhone 15 lineup

Is that a hot iPhone 15 in your pocket, or... ?

Recent reports claiming the iPhone 15 is prone to overheating may turn out to be little more than hot air.

Jamf and MacBook

JNUC 2023: The top 5 changes JAMF unveiled

The Jamf Nation User Conference is one of the biggest events for Apple IT professionals. Here are the highlights from this year's get-together in Austin, TX.

Vivaldi logo in front of blurry Chrome logo on blue background

‘We hoped not to use WebKit at all,' says Vivaldi CEO, as iOS browser ships

With Europe's DMA in place, “the gatekeeper is no longer going to be able to dictate what you use or try to force you to use software you do not like," says Vivaldi chief Jon von Tetzchner.

Google Android - iPhone 15 Action button

How to create your own iPhone-15-inspired 'Action button' on Android

Got an Android phone — any Android phone? You can give yourself a power-packed custom button that'll make Apple's latest innovation look like child's play.

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