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Apple blocks tool that brute-forces iCloud passwords

The tool allowed attackers to try a large number of passwords for Apple ID accounts

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Moonpig jeopardizes data of millions of customers through insecure API

The online seller of personalized greeting cards and gifts shut down its mobile apps Tuesday because of a security flaw that could give hackers access to customer information.

Moonpig jeopardizes data of millions of customers through insecure API

The company failed to fix a security flaw reported over a year ago, a developer said

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Free tool automates phishing attacks for Wi-Fi passwords

The tool can disconnect Wi-Fi users and trick them into disclosing their password to a rogue access point.

Free tool automates phishing attacks for Wi-Fi passwords

The tool can disconnect Wi-Fi users and trick them into disclosing their access password to a rogue access point

New lie detector relies on full-body suit for better accuracy

Suits normally used by 3D graphics animators could help law enforcement spot lies

Two-factor authentication oversight led to JPMorgan breach, investigators reportedly found

The attackers stole an employee's access credentials and used them to access a server that lacked a stronger authentication mechanism

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The 'grinch' isn't a Linux vulnerability, Red Hat says

The way Linux handles user permissions could still lead to potential misuse, security researchers say.

Vulnerability in embedded Web server exposes millions of routers to hacking

Attackers can take control of millions of routers by sending a specially crafted request to RomPager, an embedded Web server running on them

Hitachi finger vein scanner could secure large venues

A "walkthrough-stye" scanner would require a simple wave of the hand to open gates

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Security group plans for a future without passwords

Setting the stage for a password-free future, an industry consortium has issued a set of instructions that specify other ways, such as biometrics and tokens, that computers and devices can confirm a user's identity.

Forgotten subdomains boost risk of account hijacking, other attacks

Some sites have subdomains pointed at old domains that have long expired and can be registered by attackers

Attackers knock PlayStation Network offline for hours

The Lizard Squad, a group that carried out a similar attack against the Sony service in August, took credit for the downtime

Vodafone blocks Chaos Computer Club site, fueling 'Net censorship concerns in UK

Over-blocking is a common issue with Internet filters run by ISPs in the U.K., digital rights group says

Technical evidence links destructive malware to attack against Sony Pictures

The malware contains usernames, passwords and an image associated with Sony Pictures Entertainment, researchers said

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Google extends two-factor authentication with physical USB keys

Google is letting users protect their accounts against password compromises by adding support for two-factor authentication based on physical USB keys.

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AT&T loses info of 1,600 customers

CEO Randall L. Stephenson hopes his winning smile will help: Telecoms behemoth AT&T is in trouble again. Another 'rogue' employee has been caught 'obtaining' customer data. Bad news often comes in threes, so, in IT Blogwatch, bloggers...

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New Brunswick licks identity management with virtual directory

What started as a single provincial department's effort to roll out a virtual directory now helps government employees and citizens access about 150 applications. Find out how New Brunswick solved what could have otherwise been a big...

Microsoft's strategy on identity management aimed squarely at cloud-based services

Microsoft's strategy for providing customers with identity management options is increasingly reliant on cloud-based methods of authentication and access control for provisioning of Windows-based mobile devices as well as Apple iOS...

Testing service rolls out vast federated identity management system using Oracle

The Educational Testing Service says it has gained efficiencies by centralizing its identity and access management.

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