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GenAI is highly inaccurate for business use — and getting more opaque

As generative AI platforms ingest greater oceans of data and get connected to more and more corporate databases, researchers are sounding an alarm: the tools are highly inaccurate and becoming more inscrutable.

UK says Adobe's $20B deal for Figma would hurt graphic design market

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has objected to Adobe's acquisition of graphic design company Figma, adding to the EU and US concerns about the deal.

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EU Commission to Amazon: iRobot purchase could leave competitors in the dust

Regulators have expressed formal objections to the proposed $1.7-billion buyout of the robotic vacuum maker over concerns it will limit competition.

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Digital advocacy group criticizes current scope of the EU AI Act

In an open letter signed by members of Digital Europe, the group warned that over-regulation of the AI industry could negatively impact the region’s ability to become a global leader in the technology.

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EU Commission issues objections to Adobe's $20B Figma acquisition

The EU Commission has published a Statement of Objections, outlining the ways in which an Adobe-Figma merger could potentially reduce competition in the global interactive product design software market.

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Microsoft welcomes Biden’s new AI order — is that a good thing or bad?

When the US government last month moved to put guardrails around the use of generative AI, big tech firms were surprisingly quick to welcome the move.

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Meta and ByteDance dispute gatekeeper status of platforms under EU’s DMA

After the EU named Facebook Messenger and Marketplace, and TikTok gatekeeper platforms under its Digital Markets Act, both parents companies have decided to launch legal challenges against the designation.

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Google’s deal with Apple looms large as antitrust trial winds down

With the last witness being called to the stand this week in the Google antitrust trial, the tech giant’s default search deal that delivers billions each year into the coffers of its rival Apple will be key to the presiding judge's...

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OpenAI's ChatGPT turns one year old; what it did (and didn't do)

During the past 12 months, ChatGPT has fundamentally changed the landscape of AI. While warnings of impending doom from AI self-awareness still hang in the air, the technology has also surprised many by taking on tasks never thought...

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UK’s Ofcom outlines draft codes of practice for enforcing online safety

Two weeks after the UK government passed the Online Safety Act into law, the regulator responsible for enforcing the legislation has set out its draft guidance for companies that fall under its scope.

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Q&A: ServiceNow CIO sees an 'iPhone moment' for genAI

Chris Bedi has been involved in a full-court press to take advantage of the productivity, efficiency, and efficacy capabilities of artificial intelligence for years. But when ChatGPT launched a year ago, everything changed.

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Global AI Safety Summit shows need for collaborative approach to risks

While there were positive results from this week’s global AI Safety Summit, it's clear that a gulf remains in how individual countries are seeking to mitigate what they believe the biggest risks are.

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China, US, and EU agree to work together on AI safety

The Bletchley Declaration, signed at the UK AI Safety Summit, will form a common line of thinking that would oversee the evolution of AI and ensure that the technology is advancing safely.

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UK launches $143 million AI skills package, with new visa scheme

In an attempt to boost AI expertise across the UK, the government has announced a new skills package designed to attract and retain talent to bolster the country’s AI tech sector.

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What exactly will the UK government's global AI Safety Summit achieve?

With the first global AI Safety Summit beginning in the UK on Nov. 1, questions remain over whether the event will facilitate a meaningful outcome and if there will ever be a global consensus on AI regulation.

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UK government earmarks $122 million on AI for healthcare

Dementia care and mental health are first on the list of targets for a new grant program from the British government toward the use of AI in the healthcare sector.

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Biden lays down the law on AI

The White House today issued a long-awaited executive order that hammers out clear rules and oversight measures to ensure artificial intelligence is kept in check, while also providing paths for it to grow.

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‘Data poisoning’ anti-AI theft tools emerge — but are they ethical?

New tools that can corrupt digitized artwork and other copyrighted materials are emerging to thwart generative AI models that scrape the internet to learn and provide content.

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