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Google Pixel Tablet

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AI language models need to shrink; here’s why smaller may be better

Large language models (LLMs) used for generative AI tools can consume vast amounts of processor cycles and be costly to use. Smaller, more industry- or business-focused models can often provide better results tailored to business...

laid off worker layoff resignation leaving job

Alphabet layoffs: Company trades recruitment team for tech talent

The layoffs, which come after the company let go of at least 12,000 employees in January, are aimed at increasing operational efficiency, a spokesperson said.

Google Android, Apple iOS

Google's increasingly prickly Android perception problem

Apple's convincing an entire generation of phone-buyers that Android is behind the times — which couldn't be much further from the truth.

Windows Apps - Chrome OS Chromebook

The line-blurring brilliance of Google's new ChromeOS-Windows connection

Google's latest ChromeOS improvement brings Windows apps even closer to the heart of the operating system — with a very Googley twist.

Google Pixel Tablet

The problem with Google's Pixel Tablet

Google's first self-made tablet in four years comes tantalizingly close to being extraordinary — but then there's this.

Google Lens App

16 ways Google Lens can save you time on Android

Google Lens can turn you into a mobile-tech magician, but it's up to you to learn its tricks.

Google Assistant — Google Services

What's going on with Google Assistant?

Is Google giving up on Google Assistant? The answer, like many things you ask Assistant these days, isn't exactly clear.

Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G

How the Google Pixel Fold could make every Android device better

Even if you don't own Google's fancy new Pixel Fold, the phone could bring a big boost to your Android productivity experience — for three very specific reasons.

Pixel Shortcuts

15 powerful tricks for your Google Pixel Clock app

Your Pixel phone's Clock app is surprisingly smart and full of thoughtful features, but some of its most exceptional elements are all too easy to overlook.

Android Lock Screen Widgets

The secret to a smarter Android lock screen

Turn your Android phone's lock screen into a true productivity powerhouse with this super-simple efficiency-enhancing hack.

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold: 7 unfiltered thoughts after 8 days with the device

Is the Google Pixel Fold the phone for you? This week-long journal from a Pixel fanatic and folding phone skeptic may help you decide.

Chrome Address Bar Actions

How to activate your Chromebook's crafty new shortcut system

Get early access to Google's ChromeOS keyboard shortcut customizer with these quick 'n' simple steps.

Android Notifications

Android's hidden Smart Display superpower

Turn your phone into a completely customized intelligent info center with this two-minute, $0 trick.

Google ChromeOS Multitasking

20 seconds to smarter Chromebook multitasking

Ready to give your ChromeOS productivity a pleasant push forward? Google's magnificent new multitasking improvement is exactly what you need.

Google Chrome Reading Mode

How to enable Google's clever new Chrome Reading Mode right now

Google's got a great way to enhance your online reading experience, but you've really gotta work to find it.

Neeva, Google Search Privacy

Google killer, killed: Neeva and the limits of privacy as a philosophy

A search startup that revolved around providing an ad-free, privacy-centric alternative to Google is calling it quits — and it's well worth our while to contemplate why.

Google Android 14

Google I/O and the curious case of the missing Android version

Google barely mentioned its upcoming Android 14 update during its I/O keynote — and it turns out there's a carefully considered reason.

Google Pixel 7 Settings

The most significant Google Pixel news no one's noticing

Google's Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel 7a are taking center stage this week — but another Pixel product holds the most pressing pivot of all.

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