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Russia: U.S. fuels 'witch hunt' with election hack claims

Russia dismissed a U.S. intel report claiming that the Kremlin meddled with the presidential election, saying the accusations were “unfounded” and driving a “witch-hunt.”

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U.S. says Putin ordered election cyber-meddling to favor Trump

A highly anticipated U.S. intelligence report claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign to covertly influence last year’s presidential election in favor for Donald Trump.

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Trump mum on Russia blame after U.S. intelligence briefing

After meeting with U.S. intelligence leaders on Friday, President-elect Donald Trump withheld any endorsement of their findings that Russia tried to meddle with the recent election.

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FBI dispute with DNC over hacked servers may fuel doubt on Russia role

The FBI may have been forced into a misstep when investigating whether Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee. It never directly examined the DNC servers that were breached.


Security pros are their own worst enemy

Just when the world seems ready to listen to us, we give it a display of epic bickering.

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Spy chief calls for broad retaliation after Russian hacks

The U.S. government should consider a broad range of retaliations against Russia for its attempts to interfere with November's presidential election, the outgoing director of national intelligence recommended.

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Uncertainty clouds debate on Russia's suspected role in election hacks

How do you prove Russia meddled with the presidential election? That's a question the U.S. government is facing, but may never fully answer, at least not publicly.

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Trump offers cybersecurity warning: 'No computer is safe'

President-elect Donald Trump weighed in on IT security at a New Year's Eve party, suggesting that the best way to keep secrets from hackers is a huge air gap.

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U.S. imposes new sanctions on Russia over election hacking

The U.S. government has sanctioned Russia's main two intelligence agencies, four military intelligence officers and is kicking out 35 Russian diplomats over what it says was aggressive harassment of U.S. officials and cyber operations...

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Obama vows to punish Russia over election hacks

U.S. President Barack Obama pledged to punish Russia for hacking of Democratic groups and figures during the election season with actions that’ll occur in secret and others that’ll be made public.


Russian-speaking hacker allegedly stole logins from a U.S. election agency

A Russian-speaking hacker has been found selling stolen login credentials for a U.S. agency that tests and certifies voting equipment, according to a security firm.

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Here's what Congress should ask about the election hacks

U.S. Congress members are all demanding answers over claims that Russia attempted to influence the presidential election with several high-profile hacks. U.S. intelligence agencies are confident that the foreign government was...

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Don't like Russian cyberspies? Tips to stop state-sponsored hackers

Be wary around random, but legitimate-looking emails popping up in your inbox. A foreign government may be using them to try to hack you.

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Trump's margin up after Wisconsin recount over voting machine security

President-elect Donald Trump added 131 votes to his winning margin in a recount in Wisconsin of ballots cast in the state for the U.S. presidential elections, but a significant part of the recount was not by hand.

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U.S. response to election hacks gets bogged down in politics

U.S. efforts to get to the bottom about Russia’s role in hacking this year’s presidential election may very well end up mired in politics, hampering any response.

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Obama orders review of election hacks as Trump doubts Russia's role

President Barack Obama has ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct a full review of the cyberattacks that allegedly tried to disrupt this year's election, as his successor Donald Trump casts doubt over Russia's possible...

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Georgia says it's traced an attempted voter hack to DHS

Georgia's secretary of state says the state was hit with an attempted hack of its voter registration system from an IP address linked to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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Russian cyberspies likely behind DNC breach move on to German election

A group of suspected Russian cyberspies accused of interfering in the U.S. presidential election is also attempting to influence the upcoming vote in Germany, according to the country’s domestic intelligence agency.

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