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What does an Oracle audit look like? This one certainly wasn't pretty

Oracle is at least as well-known for its aggressive licensing tactics as for its namesake database technology, and a recent dispute makes it clear that that reputation isn't entirely unfounded.

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Shrinking an already ginormous SharePoint database transaction log

What do you do when you can't avoid huge transaction logs in SharePoint and your files are too large?

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Avoiding ginormous transaction logs with SharePoint databases

How do organizations avoid extremely large transaction log (.ldf) files? Find out in this article.

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For many Oracle database users, Dec. 1 deadline looms

Companies that use a standard edition of Oracle's database software should be aware that a rapidly approaching deadline could mean increased licensing costs.

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MySQL 5.7 delivers a 3x speed injection

It's been more than two years since the general release of MySQL 5.6, and on Monday Oracle announced that its successor will soon arrive bearing a significant boost in performance along with improved security and scalability.


Traction Watch: Cloudera soars to $100M in revenue and 100% annual growth

Cloudera has built a massively expanding community along with year-over-year of 100 percent revenue growth.

Securing SQL Server

SQL Server remote access setup guide

In this free PDF download, you'll get step-by-step instructions for setting up VPN access to SQL Server. And a discount code gets you 25% off the e-book's full price.

Sapphire Now 2015

SAP Hana users warned of security vulnerability

A security researcher is warning of a potentially serious vulnerability in the in-memory platform SAP Hana.

Oracle's Larry Ellison

Oracle profit slides 24% as customers move to the cloud

Oracle reported a sharp drop in profit for the quarter just ended, with customers spending more on its cloud services but less on software in their own data centers.

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6 key improvements in FileMaker 14

It wasn’t that long ago that Apple was short of cash -- and in those dark days FileMaker must surely have helped keep the mothership afloat.

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Review: Stretch your NoSQL database with MarkLogic 8

Enterprise-oriented document database brings powerful indexing and flexible querying to a broad range of data types

Guessing that song REALLY grated after a while

It's the late 1980s, and this pilot fish is responsible for a critical database that's used for scheduling engineering tests at a major car company -- but suddenly it's getting corrupted.

SAP patches ASE database login flaw

SAP patched a flaw on Thursday that could allow an attacker to take complete control over a database.

Pivotal sets the stage for open-source in-memory computing

Pivotal has released the source code for much of its GemFire distributed in-memory database

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Oracle brings big data back to database administrators

Oracle has released a new extension for its Oracle Data Integrator middleware that allows DBAs and data warehouse experts to treat big data repositories as just another data source

Alation's new data-accessibility platform

In a haystack of data, Alation helps find the needle

Two-year-old startup Alation emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday with a new product focused on helping enterprises find the information they need to get ahead.

1010data gets religion on R

Data analysis platform provider 1010data has added R to its arsenal, allowing its many enterprise customers to interrogate their data with the statistics-oriented programming language.

My version! No, MY version!

This growing biotech company ends up with a merged sales operation that includes two groups of salesmen, each with its own customer data supplier -- and both on one big customer database.

Big data vendors to forge a common Hadoop base platform

Several of the largest big data vendors, including IBM, Hortonworks and Pivotal, have banded together to specify a unified base platform for Hadoop.

MarkLogic buddies up to JavaScript, throws shade at XML

Database company MarkLogic has extended its NoSQL data store to work natively with JavaScript and the popular JSON data exchange format.

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