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Google Bard at Google I/O
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Why and how to create corporate genAI policies

Adoption of generative AI is happening at a breakneck pace, but potential threats posed by the technology will require organizations to set up guardrails to protect sensitive data and customer privacy — and to avoid running afoul of...

Introduction to ChatGPT

Zoom goes for a blatant genAI data grab; enterprises, beware (updated)

Zoom stirred up a kerfuffle this month when it amended its terms of service to make execs comfortable that it wouldn’t use Zoom data to train generative AI models. In reality, it was really doing spin control worthy of the sleaziest...

Virtual Reality

As VR headset adoption grows, privacy issues could emerge

UC-Berkeley researchers found that hand and head motion data could be as good as fingerprints and facial scans at identifying users, raising a host of privacy concerns as headset adoption grows.

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UK intelligence agencies seek to weaken data protection safeguards

Following a recent review of the Investigatory Powers Act, intelligence agencies are pushing for the government to create a new class of data set that would be exempt from current levels of judicial oversight.

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EEOC Commissioner: AI system audits might not comply with federal anti-bias laws

The emerging patchwork of laws and regulations governing the use of AI in finding, hiring, and promoting workers serve as reminders that, regardless of the technology in use, a company remains liable for federal civil rights...

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Apple toughens up app security with API control

The company's war against device fingerprinting continues.

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Was Steve Jobs right about this?

Unesco report says smartphones should be banned from schools and digital tech should put humans first

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Apple: Proposed UK law is a ‘serious, direct threat’ to security, privacy

Apple has major concerns about new UK government surveillance laws, which it argues are so over-reaching that tech firms can't possibly meet their requirements.

Electronic Health Records [EHR] / digital medical data, monitor health status, doctor, laptop

Medical data sharing: Are we there yet?

The move toward ubiquitous electronic health record sharing across the US is accelerating, but obstacles remain for providers, payers, patients, and other stakeholders.

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This is why personal encryption is vital to the future of business

In an era characterized by increasingly complex attacks, you cannot distinguish between personal and business encryption — it needs to be universal.

google bard

Google Bard launches in EU, overcoming data privacy concerns in the region

Five months after Google announced it was launching its own generative AI chatbot, the company has addressed the data privacy issues that had previously made it inaccessible to EU residents.

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EU-US Data Privacy Framework to face serious legal challenges, experts say

Despite the US and EU endorsement of the new Data Privacy Framework, privacy experts remain skeptical that the agreement will survive legal challenges.

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Governments worldwide grapple with regulation to rein in AI dangers

As generative AI revolutionizes tech, governments around the world are trying to come up with regulations that encourage its benefits while minimizing risks such as bias and disinformation.

Neeva, Google Search Privacy

Google killer, killed: Neeva and the limits of privacy as a philosophy

A search startup that revolved around providing an ad-free, privacy-centric alternative to Google is calling it quits — and it's well worth our while to contemplate why.

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Meta fined $1.3B for violating EU GDPR data transfer rules on privacy

The Irish Data Protection Commission has levied a record-breaking fine against Facebook's parent company, Meta, for transferring data to the US without data privacy safeguards.

The Complete ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Training Bundle

Senate hearings see a clear and present danger from AI — and opportunities

Two Senate committees met separately Tuesday with industry experts, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, on how to control artificial intelligence as it barrels down the development highway, threatening privacy and rights as it goes.

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Q&A: At MIT event, Tom Siebel sees ‘terrifying’ consequences from using AI

At MIT Technology Review's EmTech Digital conference, Tom Siebel, the CEO of C3 AI and founder of CRM vendor Siebel Systems, said he's been asked by government and military officials to create AI for what he sees as unethical...

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ChatGPT returns to Italy after OpenAI tweaks privacy disclosures, controls

OpenAI has relaunched ChatGPT in Italy after making changes requested by the country's data privacy regulator.

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