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Disaster recovery, redefined

After a database server in this data center fails, the disaster recovery cluster is pressed into service as the production cluster -- and months later, it still is.

Definitely NOT the kind of backup we had in mind

This hospital's computer room is in the basement, with a floor drain for the cooling unit's condensation -- and that worries an IT operations guy who spots the danger.

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Meet Project Honolulu, Microsoft’s new Windows Server management GUI

Now in technical preview, the new web-based tool for managing Microsoft Windows Server will have GUI fans rejoicing.

There's hard, and then there's HARD

Winter is coming, and this company is planning a major systems upgrade -- one with a hard deadline that turns out to be a lot harder than the IT director thinks.

Oh, so you've met our mascots!

This pilot fish's job calls for him to travel to customer sites, doing software updates for a distribution system -- which means dealing with some unfriendly wildlife.

How to be a team player, master-class division

IT pilot fish is on a vacation deer-hunting trip out in the woods when he hears a telltale sound: his mobile phone ringing, with a call about a major problem at work.

Timing is everything

This U.S. Air Force base's high-security computer room has a circle of terminals used for classified processing -- except they tend to go wonky on a regular basis.


This business unit's production servers are all named after characters from "The Simpsons." But it turns out leaving Bart off the list isn't enough to avoid trouble.

This is why we can't have nice server names

IT pilot fish with responsibility for naming this new server has an idea: Let the programmers take a vote to choose the new name. That couldn't possibly go wrong, right?

Well, what else would you call it?

Like most IT shops, this one tries to give names to servers and printers that make sense. Case in point: an aging printer in the Finance Department called FNCHECKS.

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8 free SharePoint tools to make IT admins smile

These highly useful products help administer and configure SharePoint farms of various sizes.

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5 top ways to run Windows on a Mac

With options ranging from Boot Camp to Parallels to VirtualBox and others, the big question is which one makes it easy to manage Windows-running Macs within your enterprise IT infrastructure.

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Apple in the enterprise? It’s already there

Apple for years pushed, without much success, to get its hardware and software into the office. But the organic adoption of its iOS devices – especially the iPhone – finally forced enterprises to take it seriously.

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Challenges in realizing the promises of the holistic edge

One thing that appears certain is that the holistic edge will manifest as a somewhat diverse beast that will present far-reaching challenges for innovators well beyond the relatively simple solutions of today.

Now THAT'S what we call a proper test!

This company decides its disaster recovery plan needs a backup generator to keep the data center going if power is lost -- and a key part of the solution is a flywheel.


Enabling the multiverse of mini-internets

In order for the Device Virtualization vision to be realized, Alan Carlton explains how the edge will need to transform into a different type of mini-internet that behaves just a little differently than the wider internet

mobile device management

What's the difference between MDM, MAM, EMM and UEM?

While BYOD made it easier for employees to get their jobs done anywhere, anytime, keeping company data safe requires serious management. Here's how to pick between Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management.

Back to the bleeding-edge future

It's the 1980s. How many IBM engineers does it take to admit that the hot new hardware is broken?

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HTTP and DNS in a 5G World

HTTP and DNS are almost established as household name protocols having been around since the earliest days of the World Wide Web but, like everything else in 5G, some changes are coming.

Lucky he was sort of dropping by, huh?

Flashback to the late 1970s, when this insurance company's mainframe is getting errors with a tape drive, and the IBM techs can't find a reason for it. But guess who's coming to lunch?

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