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windows 10 s

Windows 10 S: It's for enterprise, too

Microsoft may have stuck to the script when it unveiled a Windows 10...
intel optane memory 2
3D XPoint is a new class of non-volatile memory that can boost server and...
Impossible Objects' 3D printer
Impossible Objects is developing a 3D printer that can use composite...
Windows 10 devices
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella touted a new number for Windows 10, saying the...
Amazon Echo Show
Amazon is on the verge of disrupting the enterprise videoconferencing and...
170510 rao 1
Research into artificial intelligence is going gangbusters, and the...
devops tattoo

Career advice: Moving into DevOps

A programmer asks our Premier 100 IT Leader how to make the change.
170511 trump
President Trump has finally signed a long-awaited executive order on...
viva la revolution fist arm hand

Leadership for the IT revolution

Which type of leader will come to the fore in this dynamic time?
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