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Apple Self Service Repair

California's Apple-backed Right to Repair Act is the future of tech

We know the EU and other territories are developing similar legislation, which suggests that California’s new law may in the future be emulated everywhere.

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Microsoft’s data centers are going nuclear

A job posting suggests that Microsoft is planning to explore the use of small nuclear reactors for its major data centers.

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UK gov't announces supercomputer, research facility to drive R&D, innovation

As part of its commitment to AI R&D, the UK has announced the development of a new supercomputer and research facility to be housed at the University of Bristol.

9 systems theory global crash outage

Microsoft blames Aussie data center outage on staff strength, failed automation

The outage that occurred on August 30 led to downtime in Azure services pertaining to APIs, databases, and applications.

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How to select sustainability management software

For organizations serious about meeting environmental, social, and governance goals, sustainability management tools can collect relevant data, analyze it, and provide actionable insights. Here’s what to look for and six leading tools...

Apple Self Service Repair

Now that Apple supports Right to Repair, everyone else should, too

Apple has lent its support to a new California law that aims to make it easier for people to fix their own devices.

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Windows on Mac improves for professional environments

Highlights of the latest Parallels Desktop release include TouchID support for Windows, much improved Intune enrollment, and remote access to VM instances in the cloud.

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

Gen-AI HPC infrastructure provider CoreWeave scores $2.3 billion financing deal

CoreWeave, a specialized, AI-focused cloud provider offering high performance compute services, has landed a whopping $2.3 billion in debt financing from several private equity firms.

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India imposes curbs on computer imports to boost domestic production

In its latest attempt to shore up homegrown electronics manufacturing, the Indian government will now require companies to acquire a license to import laptops, computers, and tablets.

How spatial computing ends the concept of remote work

The arrival of spatial computing means the entire office will be virtualized within a few years.

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Microsoft Dev Box — a better path to provisioning and productivity?

While the cloud-based workstation is aimed at developers, the concept could be used to give workers in other positions quick access to the tools they need — without navigating an often lengthy hardware provisioning process.

The EU Data Act is a lot bigger than iCloud

The EU is taking a stand against vendor lock-in for data services, including IoT, connected device, and cloud services.

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With its green commitments, Apple aims to go where consumers are

While many in the media focus on speed, feeds, and bezel size, consumers are becoming more interested in the environmental consequences of the products they use.

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IT is driving new enterprise sustainability efforts

Actions go above and beyond energy efficiency initiatives to support broader environmental, social, and governance frameworks.

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

Meta is working on its own chip, data center design for AI workloads

The Facebook parent said that it is working on a new AI-optimized data center design and the second phase of its 16,000 GPU supercomputer for AI research.

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Data center sustainability becoming the norm, not the exception

Sustainability initiatives like maximizing IT equipment lifecycles, using renewable energy and more can help save money, improve the environment and insulate themselves against risk, according to Gartner report.

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Global IT spending forecast to rise 5.5%, fueled by software, services

Declines in device sales will be more than offset by growth in other areas, according to Gartner Research’s latest predictions.

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As US moves to regain microchip leadership, some say it never left

As the US government begins to dispense tens of billions of dollars to get microchip makers to relocate manufacturing to the US, hurdles remain, including an increasingly diversified global supply chain that no one country can...

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