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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Is that a Chromebook killer in your pocket, Tim Cook?

Apple may be planning a lower cost portable Mac to target the Chromebook market, says DigiTimes.

15 inch MacBook Air WWDC23

IDC sees big enterprise shift to Macs over next 12 months

The research firm anticipates the number of Macs sold to business users worldwide will jump by 20% between this year and 2024.

Windows Apps - Chrome OS Chromebook

The line-blurring brilliance of Google's new ChromeOS-Windows connection

Google's latest ChromeOS improvement brings Windows apps even closer to the heart of the operating system — with a very Googley twist.

Man looking through binoculars preview look watching

Windows 10 Insider Previews: A guide to the builds

Get the latest info on new preview builds for Windows 10 22H2 as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for 19045.3391 (KB5029331) for the Release Preview Channel, released on Aug. 10, 2023.

India, mapped on a dark globe.

India imposes curbs on computer imports to boost domestic production

In its latest attempt to shore up homegrown electronics manufacturing, the Indian government will now require companies to acquire a license to import laptops, computers, and tablets.

Apple Silicon isn't waiting for the PC world to catch up

Apple is not resting on its laurels waiting for equivalently priced PCs to deliver the same computational performance at low power we now expect from Macs running Apple Silicon.

abstract data analysis / progress / growth

PC market shows signs of a turnaround after historic slide

Business demand for desktops and laptops is expected to return to growth early next year after a series of declines in recent quarters. But uncertainty remains, as macroeconomic concerns persist.

The Windows desktop is dying

But it’s not because of Macs or Linux – it's because Microsoft wants your Windows desktop to live in the cloud.

HP Dragonfly G4

HP’s Dragonfly G4 — a better laptop for remote workers?

Adding the right camera tools could make a big difference on remote worker productivity when it’s done right.

Chrome Address Bar Actions

How to activate your Chromebook's crafty new shortcut system

Get early access to Google's ChromeOS keyboard shortcut customizer with these quick 'n' simple steps.

Mac Pro with M2 Ultra chip

Apple Silicon remains the star of WWDC

I don’t believe for one second that Vision Pro could exist without Apple Silicon, which is why Apple’s processors are the true stars of its developer show.

Sightful's virtual

Who wants a regular laptop with a 100-in. screen?

The augmented reality PC is finally here. Though the PC is real, the display is virtual — even Apple might make one!

Apple WWDC 2023

WWDC: Apple gets back to the Mac in PC sales attack

In a mixed-up reality, Apple hopes to boost Mac sales with new models designed to reflect the excitement over its AR news at WWDC.

Google ChromeOS Multitasking

20 seconds to smarter Chromebook multitasking

Ready to give your ChromeOS productivity a pleasant push forward? Google's magnificent new multitasking improvement is exactly what you need.

Fondo de macOS Ventura en iMac de 24

StatCounter data confirms Apple's Mac renaissance

Ten years ago, Windows held 85.6% of the US desktop share to macO's 12.86%. Today, Windows is down to 53.43% and Apple has seized 31.34% share.

Android, Chrome OS

Android, ChromeOS, and Google's cloudy vision for a connected future

Android and ChromeOS are about to come closer together than ever, but Google's latest line-blurring twist raises more questions than answers.

Chrome OS Features

Got a Chromebook? Get early access to an awesome new interface enhancement

A hearty productivity booster is in the works for Google's ChromeOS software, and you can activate on your own Chromebook this second — if you know the trick.

Chrome OS Changes

With ChromeOS in 2023, Google's got its eye on the enterprise

Google gives us a glimpse at the next steps for its ChromeOS platform and how Chromebooks are gearing up to get down to business.

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