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Intel’s Tower Semiconductor acquisition fails, as China withholds OK

Intel's planned $5.4 billion acquisition of Israel-based Tower falls apart, as China fails to approve the deal before the companies' agreement deadline.

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Biden fuels tech trade war with China, banning AI, chip, and quantum system investments

US President Joe Biden is escalating the tech trade war with China with an executive order to restrict investment in specific sectors including semiconductors and microelectronics, quantum information technologies, and AI.


Foxconn exits chip-making joint venture in India with Vedanta

Foxconn’s decision to split from Vedanta comes at a time when the Indian government is inviting fresh applications for building semiconductor facilities in the country amid the US-China chip war.

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China seeks to improve reliability of its chip manufacturing sector

A new report from China’s Ministry for Industry and Information Technology states that the country’s manufacturing abilities are less advanced than other countries and improvement is needed across three core industries.

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China bans export of metals needed for semiconductors amid US-China chip war

As part of the new restrictions, exporters of gallium and germanium have to apply for licenses detailing the buyer and the application or usage of the metals.

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EU and Japan announce Digital Partnership to strengthen chip supply chain

The EU and Japan have formed a new partnership to improve cooperation on digital issues, after recently pledging billions of dollars in investments to shore up their domestic chip industries.

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US weighs further restrictions on chip exports to China

The Biden administration is reportedly considering placing new restrictions on the export of AI chips to China, in a move that could specifically target products previously compliant with the rules.

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Japan bolsters its chip industry with buyout of equipment maker JSR

In its latest bid to support home-grown chip manufacturing, the Japanese government has sought to consolidate the country’s grip over some chemicals that are vital to the chip making process.

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Intel’s German chip fab plans expand

An EU subsidy will underwrite an expanded plan for a major chip foundry in Magdeburg, Germany.

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EU to offer $8.7 billion in aid to make chips, communication tech

The funding, which was planned by 14 member nations, is expected to attract another $14.7 billion in private investments.

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US working on new laws to ban investments in Chinese tech firms

The new regulations will stop the flow of US investments into Chinese firms working on advanced semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

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China appeals to Japan to halt export restrictions as chip war escalates

Japan’s decision to ban the export of chip-making technology to China comes days after the latter banned the use of semiconductors manufactured by US-based chipmaker Micron.

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After China's Micron ban, US lawmakers urge sanctions on chips from CXMT

After the Chinese government said it was banning the use of some Micron chips due to security risks, US lawmakers lobby for a ban on one of its biggest Chinese competitors.

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UK announces $1.2B chip strategy, faces criticism over funding size

Two years after the UK government promised it would introduce forward a national semiconductor strategy, a new policy paper outlines its efforts to make the UK an industry leader.

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Meta is working on its own chip, data center design for AI workloads

The Facebook parent said that it is working on a new AI-optimized data center design and the second phase of its 16,000 GPU supercomputer for AI research.

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Micron to invest $3.6B for Japanese production of DRAM chips

Having already invested billions of dollars in the US chip sector, Micron has announced it will be the first company to bring extreme ultraviolet lithography production methods to Japan.

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Europe must lead in semiconductor manufacturing: EU Commissioner

While European research has been vital for advanced chip manufacturing, it is not enough to make the bloc industry leaders, the EU Commissioner said.


Foxconn commits $500 million to set up new manufacturing unit in India

The new unit in the state of Telangana is expected to create 25,000 new jobs, the state’s IT minister KT Rama Rao said via a tweet.

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