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Computerworld - Knowledge Pack - OS X Tips & Tricks [2016]

OS X 10 tips and tricks

If you're upgrading to OS X 10 (El Capitan), or even if you've been using it for a while, these tips, tricks and utilities are sure to make your life a lot easier.

Computerworld Premier 100 Technology Leaders [2016] - Charts

Computerworld's 2016 Premier 100 Technology Leaders: Highlights and stats

Facts and figures about the honorees’ 2016 budgets, purchasing plans, staffing needs and more.

Computerworld Premier 100 Technology Leaders [2016] - Special Section

Computerworld's 2016 Premier 100 Technology Leaders: Photos and profiles

The full listing of honorees with their photographs and short profiles. Download the PDF to print and share with your colleagues.

consulting contract

How to get a job in IT consulting

Whether it's for a global giant or a small boutique firm, working as a tech consultant is never dull. Here's everything you need to know to launch or further a career in IT consulting.

autonomous fusion mcity 39a9958 hr

Ford will triple its autonomous car test fleet

Ford is planning to triple the number of cars it has on city streets and test tracks researching autonomous driving technology.

futuristic city with bridge in motion

AT&T working with Chicago, others on smart city tech

The carrier also said it is developing a digital dashboard to help those cities and others gain a comprehensive look at power outages, water leaks, traffic and more.

Ford aims at vehicle-to-drone connectivity

Ford wants its vehicles to talk to DJI drones and Amazon Echo

Ford Motor is teaming with drone maker DJI to focus on vehicle-to-drone communications that can be used in emergency zones that are not accessible to ground vehicles.

HP Pavilion X2 12 detached right facing

HP to ship Spectre X360 with OLED screen

HP will ship a Spectre X360 hybrid with an OLED display in the spring.

Nvidia Drive PX2

Nvidia to equip self-driving cars with water-cooled 'supercomputer'

If Nvidia's new "supercomputer for cars" -- called Drive PX 2 -- works as promised, self-driving cars won't fall into a lot of trouble with the police.

150104 parrot disco 2

AT CES, Parrot previews its wing-shaped Disco drone

Parrot has developed a distinctive wing-shaped drone that swoops through the sky at high speed and can be automatically controlled from a smartphone app.

Plantonics WC2

CES quick take: Plantronics’ Wearable Concept 2 promises easier two-factor security

Several companies are working to try to give us a password-less future. Plantronics is hoping to be part of that with a handy headset.

laptop black progressive

HP tackles 'visual hacking' with privacy filters in laptop, tablet screens

HP will start integrating privacy filters in laptop and tablet screens this year.


CES 2016: Looking for the weird and wonderful

As CES 2016 begins, attendees are looking toward the latest in automotive technology, virtual reality and smart home gadgets. But what are the smaller and more experimental vendors showing?

Samsung SSD T3 perspective shot

Samsung's new portable SSD banks on USB-C

Samsung is coming out with a new portable solid-state drive that's not meant only for PCs: it will also plug into smartphones and tablets that support USB Type-C connections.

Acer Switch 12 S

Acer's Aspire Switch 12 S tablet packs 4K screen, 3D camera, Thunderbolt 3 port

Are you looking for a 4K screen, 3D camera and Thunderbolt 3 port in one tablet? Acer's latest 12.5-inch Switch 12 S hybrid could be for you.

Acer Chromebase

Screen on Chrome all-in-one desktop supersizes with Acer Chromebase 24

If small screens on Chrome OS computers don't cut it for you, Acer's new Chromebase 24 all-in-one will please you with the largest display yet in a Chrome desktop.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto coming to Ford cars

Ford to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on Sync 3

Ford is increasing the number of smartphone functions that can be controlled from car interfaces by adding support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and introducing more apps for its Sync in-vehicle connectivity system.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 CES 2016

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablet, plus other X-Series toys at CES 2016 (and Cmdr. Keen)

Lenovo launches ThinkPad X1 line at CES 2016. In Lost Wages, there’s a bunch of new, enterprisey mobile kit for to drool over, including a Surface-like tablet, a convertible, wireless docking, and more...

ThinkPad X1 Yoga

OLED finally comes to laptops with Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Yoga hybrid

Lenovo's new ThinkPad X1 products boast some glitzy new technologies, including an OLED display on its X1 Yoga hybrid.

career work stability direction growth future looking foward telescope

IT Careers 2016: What’s important to IT professionals?

Highlights from our IT Careers 2016 survey reveal IT workers' top concerns, career expectations and what would entice them to switch jobs.

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