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BlackBerry Android CES 2016

Ding, dong, BlackBerry 10 is dead -- Android gets CEO Chen's vote

BlackBerry’s future plans are Android-only: That’s the uncomfortable conclusion from an interview with CEO John Chen at CES 2016. Still, at least the BlackBerry Priv will be on Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile in just a few weeks...

Qualcomm-powered smartwatches

LTE is tuning up for tiny IoT devices

Cellular network software that Ericsson announced at CES may help small, battery-powered devices like smartwatches and pet trackers get online and work longer without a recharge in a few years.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometti

IBM cuts new Watson deals that push it deeper into health

When you think of IBM, you probably don't think of consumer electronics, but the company's CEO came to CES to push IBM's Watson technology deeper into wearables and health.

idf15 bk keynote 5386

Intel's smartphone with integrated RealSense 3D camera to ship for $399

Intel has made a new smartphone with a 3D RealSense camera that can recognize objects and detect motion and gestures, much like a Kinect camera.

fliegl tracker beacon

Beacon tech for grain harvesters helps protect crops

Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology hasn’t caught on as fast as expected, but that hasn't stopped companies from rolling out applications that use it. One such app is the Fliegl Tracker from a German company that makes harvesters...

asctec feature

FAA drone registrations top 181K

More than 181,000 drones have been registered in the Federal Aviation Administration’s new drone registration database.

hp spectre x360 stand mode left facing

PC makers drawn to snazzy OLED screens as they look to replace LCDs

It's a small victory for Windows PC makers over Apple in displays: they are ahead in putting vibrant OLED screens in computers.

Latitude 12 7000

Dell targets Microsoft Surface with 4K Latitude 12 tablet

Dell believes it can offer a sexier, lighter and more feature-loaded tablet than Microsoft's Surface with its new Latitude 12 7000.

Intel Compute Stick

Intel delivers faster, more expensive thumb-size PCs

Intel's new thumb-size Compute Stick PCs are getting faster and more sophisticated, but also more expensive.

ambarella h2

Thanks to new chips, 4K video coming to computers, robots, more

New chips shown at CES should make 4K video playback and capture easier for consumer electronics.

Brian Krzanich Intel

Intel embraces Internet of Things, puts sensors on everything

Intel announced a boatload of partnerships during its CES keynote, with plans to embed its Curie processor and sensor technology into as many products as possible.

Acer Travelmate P648

Dreaming of a wire-free laptop? It's closer to reality

In the not too distant future, PC makers want to free your laptop of wires and cables. Some announcements at CES signal progress toward that goal.

Intel CES 2016 Brian Krzanich

Intel CES OMG CEO: Krzanich keynote “Experiences over products”

Intel kicks off CES with its keynote, led by “unglamorous” CEO Brian Krzanich. He raised his game by showing off what’s possible with the Curie IoT platform, teasing a collaboration with Lady Gaga, and closing with the weirdest...

Intel ESPN deal

Intel's Curie chip to convey thrills and spills of Winter X Games

People who tune into the Winter X Games in Colorado this month will get a heightened sense of the action thanks to a tie-up between Intel and ESPN, which sponsors the event.

0105 sony fasulo 3

Sony to launch 4K streaming service in US this year

Sony will launch a 4K streaming service in the U.S. this year, seeking to give consumers access to more content to watch on 4K TVs.

Qualcomm CES

Qualcomm's new chip will turn your next car into a self-driving theater on wheels

Qualcomm unwrapped a new family of Snapdragon processors at CES that threaten to turn your car into something that feels more like a fairground than a mode of transport.

Internet of things nest stoplights traffic IoT cameras

Weighing the politics of smart city tech (with video)

AT&T's heavy focus on smart city Internet of Things technology comes with some weighty political overtones, including how taxpayers and voters will react.

Samsung Notebook 9

CES quick take: New Samsung and Lenovo laptops lighten the load

Business travelers who need to work fast and carry light can look toward some interesting new laptops and tablets.

gear s2 classic platinum

Samsung continues to bet on Tizen in new Classic smartwatches

Samsung announced new Tizen-based Gear S2 Classic smartwatches, placing an emphasis on styling, with traditional round-faced designs.

nvidia drive px 2 jen hsun

From cars to supercomputers: Nvidia moves ahead with new chips

Hidden deep inside Nvidia's hour-long presentation was a momentary glimpse into the company's latest integrated Tegra chip, which could have a significant impact on the company's direction in supercomputing, entertainment and mobile...

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