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waymo minivan 4 self driving chrysler pacifica

Waymo may have just made self-driving cars affordable

Google spinoff Waymo has brought the cost of self-driving cars down -- by a lot. Here is how.

0204 as

In pictures: The cars of CES 2017

Cars have become one of the most popular attractions at CES in Las Vegas. Auto manufacturers use the show to preview cutting edge tech coming to vehicles in the future.

170103 faraday future 2

There's not much to see at Faraday Future's factory location

Faraday Future's plans for its factory are as grand as the plans for its car. The 3 million square-foot factory will cost a billion dollars and is scheduled to be up and running in 2018. But a visit to the site of the factory today...

Honda NeuV

The Honda NeuV concept car is a glimpse into the company's future

Honda's NeuV combines the company's vision for ride sharing, connectivity, autonomous driving, and AI.

170105 nissan ghosn

Nissan plans to put driverless cars on streets by 2020

Nissan is working toward technology to put truly driverless cars on the streets of Tokyo by 2020.

20170104 ces microsoft autonomous car

Microsoft is bundling cloud services to make cars smarter

Microsoft just announced a new Connected Vehicle Platform, which brings together a suite of services for connected cars.

Google Assistant logo

Google Assistant coming to TVs, smartwatches and cars

Google Assistant will be available soon on Android TVs, with plans to offer the virtual personal assistant on car infotainment systems and smartwatches as well.

Nvidia's BB8 self-driving car

Xavier and BB8: Nvidia heroes drive ambitious autonomous car plans

The race between two key chip makers to put self-driving cars on the streets is getting heated.

ford sync

With Ford, Amazon's Alexa hits the road

Ford is bringing Amazon's Alexa to some of its cars.

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota's Concept-i car humanizes A.I.

The Concept-i comes with an artificial intelligent agent dubbed Yui, which will monitor a driver's attention, emotions and even have a conversation.

singapore electric shuttle

Uber economy could kill off taxis and help fight global warming

Using a new computer algorithm, MIT researchers showed that self-driving vehicles being tested by services such as Uber and Lift could nearly eliminate the need for most of New York City’s taxi fleet, reducing pollution and increasing...

Intel self-driving cars

BMW, Intel and Mobileye to unleash 40 self-driving cars on U.S. roads

BMW is working with Intel and computer vision company Mobileye to place 40 autonomous test cars on public roads in the second half of 2017.

Volvo self-driving car tech (3)

AT&T, Ford and Delphi show 'vehicle-to-anything' wireless communications

AT&T debuted an advanced communications platform called vehicle-to-anything (V2X) on Wednesday in partnership with Ford and Delphi.

Intel Go automotive development kit

Intel's Go supercomputer for cars points to a PC-like horsepower race

There's a race to put more computing power in self-driving cars, and it's shaping up to be eerily similar to an earlier battle between Intel and AMD to crank up PC horsepower.

2016 224 stock mwc 5g sign1

Intel puts mobile chip failures in its past with first speedy 5G modem

Intel has a disastrous history with smartphones, but the company is now set to ship a groundbreaking modem that will deliver data-transfer rates many times faster than regular wired internet connections.

ff 91 exterior faraday future car

Faraday Future's FF 91 -- specs, price and when you can get one

Faraday Future unveiled the FF 91 electric car at CES, and the vehicle has some impressive specs.

Ford, Toyota launch SmartDeviceLink Consortium

Car makers team on platform for smartphone-vehicle interaction

Car makers Ford and Toyota have announced the SmartDeviceLink Consortium, a nonprofit to manage open-source software to connect Android and iOS smartphone apps with vehicle infotainment systems.

170103 chrysler portal 01

Chrysler unveils a high-tech car for millennials

Chrysler is betting millennials will want to be as connected in their cars as they are at home with a new concept car that mixes high-tech gadgetry with a head-turning design.

diane bryant autonomous 1

Intel buys into autonomous vehicle mapping company

Intel has announced it purchased a 15% stake in HERE, a company that makes high-definition maps for semi- and fully autonomous vehicles.

self driving 6

Uber ships self-driving cars to Arizona after San Francisco spat

A day after it was forced to halt self-driving car testing in California, Uber loaded its cars onto trucks on Thursday and shipped them to neighboring Arizona, where it says testing will continue with the support of that state.

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