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Computerworld - Mingis on Tech - video podcast teaser [3x2/1800x1200]

Mingis on Tech: The alphabet soup of mobile device management

Do you know your MDM from MAM and EMM? It's all about BYOD, and how companies can keep data safe while making it easier for workers to be productive with their own devices.

BlackBerry KeyOne smartphone merc_11_onwhite

Back to the future: BlackBerry KEYone launches with physical keyboard

Under a licensing deal with BlackBerry, TCL Communication of China announced another physical keyboard smartphone model called the BlackBerry KEYone.

person smartphone office table byod roaming

Forget the network perimeter, say security vendors

Security vendors start embracing Google's BeyondCorp network security model that treats all apps and devices as being on the Internet instead of assigning higher trust to local networks.

Apple Siri

Hey Siri? Call 911 for Gi-Gi. She'll be right, mate. Bonzer

Apple Siri “helped save” a toddler in Australia, who’d stopped breathing. Her mom yelled at her iPhone to call an ambulance. Stacey Gleeson’s daughter Giana Gleeson is well again. Apple PR is celebrating a good-news story for a...

Samsung Galaxy X release date

Forget the Samsung Galaxy S7 -- you'll want a Galaxy X, in 2017 [updated]

The Samsung Galaxy X range will have foldable screens, with release date early next year. Deep-throat rumor-mongers say there'll be two models, different from the upcoming Galaxy S8 range. So forget today's ho-hum, derivative, Samsung...

Facebook advertising

Facebook doesn't listen through your phone's mic -- except when it does

Is Facebook listening to every word you say? Zuck’s crew says it won’t use your speech to target advertising or reorder your feed, but it’s still unclear what it does use the microphone for. Aside from the obvious, that is. In IT...

Xiaomi Microsoft patent troll

Xiaomi feeds Microsoft patent troll -- pays patent toll

Xiaomi and Microsoft get cozier. They’re announcing an unusual patent deal, which also sees Xiaomi pre-installing Microsoft Office and Skype onto its Android devices...

Asus Zenbook 3

Asus Zenbook 3 is MacBook killer, say wishful thinkers [and dirty jet]

Asus Zenbook 3 launches at Computex -- on paper, the hardware's better than a MacBook. It'll have a faster processor, bigger display, lighter case, more storage, and a lower starting price...

Google Nexus Android

Google wants all Android phones to be like Nexus

Soon, Google Nexus won't just be a nice idea, it'll be Android law. La GOOG is planning to punish partners that don't push updates quickly. Or so the rumor-mongers say, whispering of a secret list of naughty ODMs, which just might...

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