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Google defends search business in biggest US antitrust case of the century so far

Shadows of the Internet Explorer trial of the ’90s loom as the government opens its trial against Google today, accusing the internet giant of illegally maintaining a monopoly on search.

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EU lists ‘gatekeepers’ to be regulated, opens iMessage and Bing investigations

The day after it was reported that Apple and Microsoft were contesting the proposed "gatekeeper" status of iMessage and Bing, the European Commission leaves them off the list of services to be regulated by the DMA but announces...

Chrome Android Settings: Better browsing

4 secret settings for a smarter Chrome Android setup

Supercharge your smartphone browsing experience with these powerful yet completely concealed options for Google's Chrome Android app.

Windows Apps - Chrome OS Chromebook

The line-blurring brilliance of Google's new ChromeOS-Windows connection

Google's latest ChromeOS improvement brings Windows apps even closer to the heart of the operating system — with a very Googley twist.

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Opera browser weaves Aria AI into iOS app

Multiplatform web browser Opera has its own AI assistant, Aria, now offered for iOS and available on all major platforms.

Android Browser Multitasking

A whole new kind of Android browser multitasking power

More efficient multitasking? Yes, please! This handy Android browser hack will change the way you work — for the better.


DuckDuckGo launches privacy-first Windows browser in beta

Privacy-focused search engine provider DuckDuckGo has debuted its own web browser on Windows, in a public beta test.

Apple business connect Maps place cards

Is your business missing out on a free Apple opportunity?

How your company appears in Apple Maps and Siri search matters when you have more than 1 billion people searching for you on iPhones.

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Opera rolls out AI-infused browser

Opera One is an extensive makeover of the Chrome-based web browser that allows ChatGPT natural language processing and offers a new, more modular UI design.

Chrome Address Bar Actions

How to activate your Chromebook's crafty new shortcut system

Get early access to Google's ChromeOS keyboard shortcut customizer with these quick 'n' simple steps.

Google ChromeOS Multitasking

20 seconds to smarter Chromebook multitasking

Ready to give your ChromeOS productivity a pleasant push forward? Google's magnificent new multitasking improvement is exactly what you need.

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Microsoft Edge is getting a bit pushy

Interface changes, new AI features, and integrations with Microsoft 365 are rolling out to Edge in dribbles, which can be confusing for users and cause headaches for admins.

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5 smart Chrome browser alternatives for Android

To boost privacy or take advantage of other business-friendly features, consider using a browser from DuckDuckGo, Microsoft, Mozilla, or Opera instead of (or in addition to) Chrome.

Google Chrome Reading Mode

How to enable Google's clever new Chrome Reading Mode right now

Google's got a great way to enhance your online reading experience, but you've really gotta work to find it.

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Safari alternatives: 12 smart iOS browser options

While all iOS browsers use the same core rendering engine as Safari, many of them offer additional functions useful in business. Here are a dozen Safari alternatives to test drive.

HTTPS prefix in a web browser's search/address field

ChatGPT adds plugins, will search the web for you

ChatGPT Plus subscribers will soon be able to use the generative AI service to search the web, as a third-party plugin feature rolls out this week.

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Will Bing and Edge become the center of the Microsoft universe?

Microsoft is in the middle of rolling AI tools into as many of its products as it can. Its efforts, if successful, could rejuvenate Bing search and the company's Edge web browser.

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Q&A: At MIT event, Tom Siebel sees ‘terrifying’ consequences from using AI

At MIT Technology Review's EmTech Digital conference, Tom Siebel, the CEO of C3 AI and founder of CRM vendor Siebel Systems, said he's been asked by government and military officials to create AI for what he sees as unethical...

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