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Blockchain jobs continue to explode, offer salary premiums

Blockchain development is the second-hottest skill in the job market today, growing more than 200% since this time last year.

OK, now THAT'S the end!

Pilot fish is developing a series of training videos for a non-profit mental health organization, and everyone's happy with the result -- all except the department head.

Throwback Thursday: Who you callin' a scope creep?

Programmer pilot fish is approached by some of the company's engineers. Can fish whip up a small database to track issues on the manufacturing line as they run tests?

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Google puts a little of Apple’s Swift in its future OS

The never-ending Apple/Google story takes a new turn on claims the Android maker wants to put a little Apple inside its new OS, albeit the Open Source Swift language.

It's all about wrist management

Big software vendor's developers are all busy when a bug report comes in on a legacy product. Who will have to stop working on new features and return to the old code?

Computerworld - Mingis on Tech - video podcast teaser [3x2/1800x1200]

Mingis on Tech: Coding for Alexa

To most users, Alexa is the helpful voice in the Echo and Echo Dot. But with a little coding, it can be made to do much more than play music, turn on the lights or tell you the weather.

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With Amazon's AR mobile app, you don't need a depth-sensing camera to sense depth

Made with Apple’s ARKit, Amazon's new augmented reality (AR) mobile app shows you can do AR sizing without needing depth-sensing camera. Sorry, iPhone X.

New features, new look, same old mistakes

Big financial firm is overhauling its mobile app with new features and a new look -- but it's soon obvious that some key things haven't been fully thought through.

The obvious solution: more managers!

This company has an aging Windows application that desperately needs updating with .NET, but the project is having trouble with code management -- and upper management.

C'mon, who needs source code control anyway?

Database developer changes a report in this huge data warehouse, and it passes QA testing and goes live -- so why has a different report stopped working the next day?

mobile apps crowdsourcing via social media network [CW cover - October 2015]

IT and 'citizen developers' partner on mobile apps and more

With low-code and no-code tools, ordinary business users can quickly and easily spin up new apps or add features and functions, but IT oversight is crucial.

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iOS 11: Why developers are embracing Apple's ARKit

With a huge user base, the only problem for AR development will be developer skills: Udacity and Unity want to help.

No good deed (or good work) goes unpunished

IT team is rewriting an aging database system at a big natural gas processing company, and the first week goes fine -- until it's time to choose the new system's name.

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4 reasons video conferencing still sucks and what we can do to change that

Why video conferencing still sucks and what we can do to make it the new tech hero.

Pragmatic programming, redefined

These programmers are developing a large, complex turnkey business system -- and the software project is in big trouble. But one of the developers just isn't giving up.

Just think of it as interactive debugging

It's the early 1970s, and these university engineering students risk stiff printing charges while they debug their programs one run at a time. Is there a way around that?

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Will Microsoft embrace topic computing?

Microsoft has quietly introduced, as part of the Microsoft Graph, its Office 365 big data and AI engine, the concept of topic, enabling developers to get the list of people who are involved in a particular project or customer. Is this...

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12 reasons to learn Apple’s open-source Swift language

There are lots of reasons why you might want to learn how to build apps using Apple’s open-source Swift language, including ease of use, security and speed.

At least you know he was listening

Pilot fish's team is writing software to improve usability of the operator's console in a military system. But one military manager isn't quite clear on how C++ works.

Beginner's guide to R: Syntax quirks you'll want to know

Why x=3 doesn't always mean what you think it should, about data types and more.

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