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Apple’s App Store: 10 years to change the world

Think about how you live today, compared to how you once existed. It’s quite clear that mobile and apps have impacted almost everything you do.

financial tech

The top 3 disruptive FinTech technologies to watch in 2018

FinTech will benefit from three technologies that are expected to expand the usefulness of big data, offer more secure and responsive applications and exponentially grow computational performance.

Sometimes you just gotta take a broader view

Database pilot fish is leaving work when a co-worker says there's an issue with a table fish designed: Every new record should get a unique ID, but instead they're all 1.

Apple iOS 12 Beta

How to get Apple's iOS 12 or macOS 'Mojave' betas

If you want to be on the cutting edge of Apple software this summer, you can sign up for the company's developer program, or get the public betas of the OSes as they are released. Here's what to do and where to go.


Contract programmer frequently gets urgent requests from IT shops that farm out projects to his company -- and by now he's pretty sure he knows just what that means.

Quick Base overview

What is Quick Base? A low-code database platform for citizen developers

Filling the gap between shared spreadsheets and IT-oriented development tools, Quick Base aims to let business users quickly create their own applications.

Finished, redefined

It's the 1980s, when computer-aided software engineering methodologies are all the rage for mainframe software at this big bank -- but CASE can't solve ALL its problems.

'blockchain' set in metal type against a circuit board

UC Berkeley puts blockchain training online; thousands sign up

After teaching an on-campus course about cryptocurrencies, UC Berkeley is planning to launch a two-part, online course aimed at educating students around to globe about cryptocurrencies and business-scale blockchain networks.

Failure, redefined

Programmer is hired because he can use C and scripting languages to pull info from databases and generate web pages. But his job turns out to be a lot more complicated.

mre18 016 sirishortcuts

WWDC: Accessibility has become a requirement

With Apple putting accessibility at the core of the company's mission, developers no longer have any excuse to avoid using the accessibility tools the company provides.

Good thing they didn't do any programming, huh?

This IT pilot fish is part of a team working under a contract where there's a very specific stipulation: These contractors absolutely, positively can't write code.

wwdc18 arkit usdz

WWDC: Where Apple AI met computer vision

Apple's focus on machine intelligence and computer vision makes new uses possible and liberates user interfaces even further from the desktop.

'blockchain' set in metal type against a circuit board

Regulatory uncertainty could stymy blockchain adoption

Even as companies seek to integrate the distributed ledger technology into their business models, uncertainty about the regulatory landscape is seen as a major stumbling block.

Computerworld - Mingis on Tech - video podcast teaser [3x2/1800x1200]

Mingis on Tech: What we like, what was 'meh' about WWDC

Apple this week rolled out a plethora of software updates, tweaks and new features for iOS 12, macOS 'Mojave,' watchOS 5 and tvOS. Here's a look at what's coming, what we liked and what we didn't.

blockchain representation of encrypted blocks and nodes

The top blockchain jobs you need to know about

Blockchain development is the hottest IT job skill today; knowing what companies want is key to landing a high-paying and challenging job working with the still-emerging distributed ledger technology.

Consulting: So simple!

Database admin knows this company's systems inside and out after 20 years with them, and he's a bit annoyed when his boss brings in a consultant for the latest project.

There IS such a thing as too many user options

This company's new shipping application is created to a detailed specification, and it tests out fine -- but it still takes 30 seconds just to print a simple label.

wwdc 2018 logo

WWDC 2018 preview: What can we expect?

Apple’s annual developers conference is the most important event in the company calendar, and it begins June 4. Aside from iOS 12, what’s on tap?

See, you just have to ask them the right way

Go-live date for this big application update is now just days away, but it still needs to be tested to integrate with the payroll system -- and Payroll isn't helping.

Throwback Thursday: Shh! Don't tell!

In this company's IT department, they spell DBA G-O-D -- which wouldn't be such a problem if it didn't mean a new database-oriented application will run so S-L-O-W.

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