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Beginner's guide to R: Easy ways to do basic data analysis

From getting subsets of your data to pulling basic stats from your data frame, here's what you need to know.

Beginner's guide to R: Introduction

In part 1 of our hands-on series, we explain why R's a great choice for basic data analysis and visualization work, and how to get started.

Beginner's guide to R: Get your data into R

Whether it's local or from the Web, there are several ways to get data into R for further work.

Indexo patronum!

Doctor at a research hospital develops a database for childhood leukemia, but the grad student who programmed it is gone. Can this college student make it useful again?

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A Silicon Valley CIO’s conundrum: With mobile apps, do you build or buy?

Santa Clara County CIO Ann Dunkin wants to build a more mobile-friendly environment for local residents, offering a one-stop shopping experience on municipal websites that are mobile platform agnostic. The question: Do you build or...

Remember, every demo's REAL audience is Murphy

Ticketmaster and Fandango are far in the future when this tech's boss asks him to develop a basic ticket-purchase system -- one that uses a minicomputer 1,600 miles away.

And you think YOUR compile cycle takes forever...

It's a few decades back, and this consulting firm is creating a government accounting system -- and getting an object lesson in how slow software development can get.

Screen recording on the iPhone under iOS 11

Is Apple solving the privacy and convenience puzzle?

Apple appears to be making significant progress in crafting convenience and useful services while preserving user privacy, even in its ads network.

AI cracks ancient game of Go

I underestimated the speed of ARKit adoption

I didn't realize how advanced some ARKit solutions had already become in just a few weeks.

Parlez-vous workflow?

U.S. pilot fish is working with a multinational chemical company's team in Paris, facing the challenges of transatlantic time shift, different work cultures -- and lunch.

There are programming standards, and then...this

This Cobol program is big, old and often modified, but it was developed under some reasonable software development standards. So why doesn't it seem to make any sense?

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Apple’s ARKit is accelerating AR development

Apple has unleashed a real opportunity for developers of all stripes to get really creative with what these technologies may actually mean—and they seem to be embracing the chance.

R programming

R Consortium survey seeks input from R users

Have opinions about R? The Consortium wants to hear from you.

Details, details...

There are three steps to software development success: Try to buy instead of build. Check whether it's too hard to build in-house. And...what are we forgetting?

Ready, fire, aim!

This programming standards project has a high-level executive sponsor's support -- but there are still a few questions about it that really need answers.

Four decades later, the same bugs keep popping up

Doctor's office offers patients a faster way to check in: Fill in a form online before the appointment. Which database errors did the developers make this time?

librem13v2 persp crop secure laptop

Purism aims to push privacy-centric laptops, tablets and phones to market

A San Francisco-based start-up created a line of laptops -- and is now working on delivering a tablet and smartphone -- designed with hardware and open-source software to guard user privacy.

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Apple takes on Facebook with its own Messages Bots

Apple's Business Chat alliance with Nuance opens up its popular messaging platform the bot-based enterprise customer support.

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