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The 2023 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle

Microsoft launches native integration for Python in Excel

With native Python integration with Excel, users will be able to use the new “PY” function to input Python code directly into Excel cells.


Big day in Cupertino as Supreme Court delivers 'epic' win — for now

Apple secures another victory in its ongoing campaign to protect App Store profits following a decision by Supreme Justice Elena Kagan. The fight isn't over, however.

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Gamers: Corporate America wants you

Companies struggling to find tech talent are keenly focused on hiring workers with skills, not just a computer science degree. Soft skills, in particular, are highly sought after — especially those gamers acquire while gaming.

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Apple plays nice with others for an OpenUSD metaverse

Meta matters less with the news that Apple, Adobe, Pixar, Autodesk, NVIDIA, and the Joint Development Foundation have joined forces to promote and develop a standard to empower mixed and virtual reality experiences.

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Apple toughens up app security with API control

The company's war against device fingerprinting continues.

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New data infrastructure to speed platform performance

The new schemaless architecture, dubbed mondayDB, will strengthen the work management company’s Work OS platform and offer improved levels of scalability and speed to customers.

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Microsoft Dev Box — a better path to provisioning and productivity?

While the cloud-based workstation is aimed at developers, the concept could be used to give workers in other positions quick access to the tools they need — without navigating an often lengthy hardware provisioning process.

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Apple wants Xcode to make you smarter

An Apple Xcode patent shows how it wants machine learning to augment what developers can do, not replace them.

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Figma offers new mode for developers, adds variables, prototyping features

With developers now making up a third of its customer base, Figma has launched a number of new capabilities that aim to bridge the gap between design and development for its product-design application.

Apple Security Lock

Apple beefs up enterprise identity, device management

At this year's WWDC, the company introduced a raft of new capabilities related to Managed Apple IDs and to user identity as a whole.

Apple WWDC 2023

WWDC: Apple gets back to the Mac in PC sales attack

In a mixed-up reality, Apple hopes to boost Mac sales with new models designed to reflect the excitement over its AR news at WWDC.

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Why Apple's iOS 16.6 upgrade will be talk of the town

iMessage Contact Key Verification is expected in iOS 16.6, which should arrive around WWDC, setting the scene for new product launches at the show.

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AI startup Anthropic unveils moral principles behind chatbot Claude

Amid controversy about generative AI programs giving wrong, biased, or potentially dangerous responses to queries, Anthropic reveals how it is training ChatGPT rival Claude to give safe, helpful information.

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Q&A: At MIT event, Tom Siebel sees ‘terrifying’ consequences from using AI

At MIT Technology Review's EmTech Digital conference, Tom Siebel, the CEO of C3 AI and founder of CRM vendor Siebel Systems, said he's been asked by government and military officials to create AI for what he sees as unethical...

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Generative AI is about to destroy your company. Will you stop it?

If coders lied as often as ChatGPT, they would be fired immediately. Stunningly, some enterprise execs seem to be just fine with that — as long as AI continues to code quickly and for so little money.

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Google’s Bard AI to take on GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer

Google’s generative AI offering is now capable of helping developers write and debug code in 20 programming languages including Python and Typescript, the company said.

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Why generative AI will turbocharge low-code and no-code development

The evolution of generative AI models will further lower barriers to using low-code and no-code development tools, and potentially lead to the birth of a whole new class of intelligent developer technology.


Do the productivity gains from generative AI outweigh the security risks?

Using generative AI to code is dangerous for a variety of reasons, but its efficiencies will tempt corporate leaders — especially CIOs and business execs — to use it anyway. A senior AWS executive at Amazon argues the decision doesn’t...

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