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Qualcomm again hints at Apple’s future iPhone plans

Qualcomm CEO and President Cristiano Amon hints that Apple will put its own 5G modems inside iPhones as soon as 2024.

Emergency SOS via satellite notifications

MWC: iPhone Emergency SOS triggers new space race

As Mobile World Congress approaches, we’ve seen a spate of announcements explaining new products and solutions that offer emergency calls and messaging with smartphones and satellite.

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Hard-to-spot Mac crypto-mining threat, XMRig, hits Pirate Bay

Jamf Threat Labs has spotted a family of Mac malware, XMRig, that spreads through pirated versions of Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Logic Pro X.

Apple Business Essentials

Apple-in-business use accelerates, but device management still an issue

Sixty-five percent of MSPs expect use of Apple devices among their business customers to grow in the next year, according to data from Addigy. But many aren’t managing devices as well as they should.

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Why is Apple making big improvements to web apps for iPhone?

Apple seems to be working on features that make web applications a little more like native apps. Now, why would Apple want to do that?

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Microsoft officially unleashes Windows 11 on Apple Silicon Macs

Macs that use Apple Silicon chips can now officially run Windows 11 via Parallels Desktop now that Microsoft has officially authorized such use.

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Teams across all of Apple are now focused on mixed reality

Speculation about the company's plans for mixed-reality glasses suggest development now involves teams from across every part of the company.

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OpenAI-based 'MacWhisper' could meet all your transcription needs

It’s an effective transcription app with plenty of potential and should be part of the toolbox for any journalist, student, or business professional.

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How to use Apple’s advanced iCloud security tools

Apple recently introduced three iCloud security features that could help protect mobile professionals on the go. This is what they do.

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Apple wants to offer your (digital) life for rent

Confirming seven years of speculation, Apple is working on a dedicated iPhone subscription plan, along with a raft of other financial services.

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Apple's second-user smartphone business is booming

iPhones account for around 82% of the fast-growing second-hand device market, which IDC expects will reach 413 million smartphones in 2026.

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Does ChatGPT spell curtains for Apple Business Chat?

And just what will Apple’s artificial intelligence teams be discussing at their imminent in-person internal AI summit at Apple Park?

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Do Google and Mozilla know something about Apple we don't?

Reports that both developers are building iOS browsers that don't use WebKit may hint at Apple's plans to open up a little — but this could cut both ways.

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Qualys now supports macOS in its cloud security tools

“In the past few years, many of our customers have seen a sharp increase in the number of Mac devices introduced to their environment,” the company says.

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6 less-well-known Mac productivity tips

Anyone who makes intensive use of their Mac probably uses Command-space to get things done. Here are six more tips that can help you be more productive.

A credit card payment is made on a mobile phone via digital wallet.

Q&A: Fintech expert: digital wallets need this tech 'magic' or they'll fail

Wells Fargo & Co., Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and four other financial services firms plan to launch a new digital wallet in 2023. But a long-time fintech expert said there's little chance of success if they don't embrace the...

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Apple’s $117.2 billion Q1 misses earnings expectations

Apple is not, after all, immune to market pressures. The company on Thursday said revenues were down 5% year on year in the final three months of 2022, though supply chain problems seem resolved and the installed base has hit two...

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Apple’s growth story is consistent and sustained

Over the last three years, the Mac has seen a 60% increase in market share — while the PC market grew 6%.

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US agency calls Apple, Google App Stores 'harmful'

“It is more important than ever that the market for mobile apps remains competitive," the agency says. "NTIA's recommendations will make the app ecosystem more fair and innovative for everyone."

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What we’ll be looking for in Apple’s Q1 results

Apple will reveal its first quarter results for the 2023 fiscal year on Thursday. Here are some of the topics to watch for to judge how the company is faring.

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