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How Apple’s Safari browser can save your Christmas

While I see online ads as a necessary evil if you want to keep websites in business, I’m annoyed at how some ads services seem so focused on ruining everybody’s Christmas surprise.

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Apple makes Macs great again with iMac Pro

In what may turn out to be this year’s most significant news for Mac users, Apple's powerful iMac Pro will be “available to order” starting Dec. 14.

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Apple apologizes, issues Mac login security patch

Apple apologized for the macOS High Sierra security flaw and quickly released a patch via its automatic security update mechanism.

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What to do about Apple’s shameful Mac security flaw

Someone at Apple seriously dropped the ball and put an unforgivable security flaw inside macOS High Sierra. This is what you need to do to fix it.

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8 great gifts for Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro users

We've already looked at gifts for iPhone users. It seems appropriate to also grab a glance at a few great gift ideas for notebook Macs.

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Lock it down: The macOS security guide (updated)

Apple’s systems are highly secure, but if your private or enterprise data matters to you, it’s essential to ensure your Mac is as secure as possible.

iPhone 8 wireless charging with RavPower

iOS 11.2 to unleash ‘fast’ wireless charging for the iPhone 8, iPhone X

With Apple's upcoming release of iOS 11.2, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X should finally get access to so-called fast wireless charging.

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19 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need

This collection of keyboard shortcuts for macOS can users get the most from their iMacs, MacBook Pro and MacBook laptops.

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10 incredibly useful Excel keyboard shortcuts

Here are 10 ways to make Microsoft Excel work harder for you, without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

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Mac sales jump highlights purchasing pattern change

Apple's CFO now sees 'great the enterprise market.' Analysts, however, say the rising sales are all about hardware updates.

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Windows fades as business develops a taste for Apple

With a big range of major name deals and key partnerships, Apple is chipping away at the Windows heartlands.


Apple just bought its own wireless charging company. Here's why.

Apple has purchased PowerbyProxi, a small, wireless charging technology company in New Zealand. But it's not likely using PowerbyProxi for what you think.

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Jamf, Microsoft confirm Apple grows in the enterprise

Microsoft just teamed up with Jamf to make it so much easier to integrate Macs into enterprise IT.

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How to connect to a remote computer with Chrome Remote Desktop

Want to access a computer from another desktop or a mobile device? Google's Chrome Remote Desktop is a simple, fast and free way to make the connection.

Apple - iMac Pro [2017] - advanced graphics + editing

Mac users: Are you ready for the super-fast iMac Pro?

The latest Geekbench figures suggest that the new iMac Pros will be extremely fast.

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Greenpeace gives Apple a B- for its green electronics efforts

Apple leads when it comes to environmental efforts, according to the 2017 Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics, but it can do better.

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40 tips to get the most from your Mac (and macOS 'High Sierra')

Whether you have an iMac or a MacBook Pro, there are a variety of ways to turn Apple’s hardware/software combo into a productivity powerhouse.

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Apple upgrades Safari for older versions of macOS

Version 11 of the browser adds Intelligent Tracking Protection, a feature that has drawn the ire of the online advertising industry.

Apple - Evolution of iOS - iOS 11

Coming soon to the office: iOS 11's augmented reality

With the official launch of iOS 11 this week, Apple not only introduced a more PC-like feel to its mobile devices, but included an SDK supporting augmented and virtual reality, which has enormous potential for enterprise use.

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Apple’s silicon design team is taking control

Apple’s slick silicon design teams have a growing responsibility for the future of Apple’s platforms.

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