But thanks for keeping in touch!

Pilot fish runs an IT support group that's announcing new PC power management settings, which will roll out on Friday -- so you know what's going to happen on Thursday.


Time to lock the security team in a hotel room?

IT security at this company has laptops really locked down, which isn't a big deal for most users when they're traveling -- unless a hotel has its own security ideas.


Throwback Thursday: How (not) to save money in IT

The servers in this computer room are having problems with their disk drives, but fortunately there's a simple short-term fix -- and, unfortunately, a longer-term agenda.


Self promotion

It's the early 1970s, and a new intern turns out to be extremely interested in the strategic planning model this pilot fish is writing -- on punch cards in Fortran.


It's never too soon to start planning for Y10K

Pilot fish gets an email from his credit card bank that catches his eye right away -- and not just because it wants him to take action about "the info on your account."


Open door policy

This server room is getting keycard access to make sure only those on the approved list are allowed to enter -- but it's still not quite as secure as it appears.


Pretty sure that's a 'Critical hardware failure'

This sysadmin is the IT Guy for several branch offices, so everything related to IT lands on his desk -- but it seems not everyone has the same definition of "IT"


Throwback Thursday: Wait, it's not fixed yet!

Pilot fish works the late shift, so he's not due into the office until 10 a.m. But at 8:45 a.m., he gets a call from a colleague with bad news: The server is dead.


Problem solved!

Network services pilot fish visits a client that has recently upgraded its gear and moved everything to a server rack -- and is decidedly unhappy with the result.


Useful, redefined

Intern ends up in an engineering group that's writing software for embedded systems, and his presence is not appreciated -- until they see he has a set of useful skills.


Remember, you can't say @#$%! without !

IT manager sends every email out with a "high priority" tag, but this message seems to be even more urgent than usual, and a response is definitely required -- sort of.


Back to the ol' spam-fighting drawing board

Pilot fish finds his inbox full of spam messages, and dozens of them seem to be related -- but this time it's not just a very bad case of spam victims using Reply All


Throwback Thursday: Mini hands make light work

Pilot fish is doing support work for a local school where children in one particular classroom have trouble with their computers' mice -- and nothing seems to fix them.


The Intern Experience

This company makes software for people movers, and it hires dozens of interns every summer from local colleges -- whether they're ready for the real world or not.


When the going gets tough...

It's a few decades back, and this IT pilot fish is on the team converting a system at an organization in the Midwest on a grueling schedule -- and then there's bad news.


Speed kills

It's the 1980s, and this IT pilot fish figures out a neat hack to speed up a data entry job for his company's minicomputer -- but there's just one small problem with it.


One small step forward, one giant leap back

Pilot fish is paying his monthly bills online when he discovers one of his utilities has changed the payment part of its website -- and it's so secure, he can't log in.


Throwback Thursday: Just one more thing to worry about

Pilot fish and his wife are planning a vacation to an all-inclusive resort, which wants him to set up a password for its website -- but something's not quite right.


Why we (don't always) love the squeaky wheel

IT contractor pilot fish's project at a big company is winding down, so the company cuts him loose -- but also offers him a job doing the same thing he was doing before.


There are great interns, and OK interns, and then...

IT shop hires a summer intern who comes from a decent university and interviews well enough, but when he gets his first relatively simple assignment, it doesn't go well.


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