Balancing act

Big company starts a program to help employees improve their work/life balance, and it sounds appealing -- but it turns out to be not such a great deal after all.


Throwback Thursday: Hey, what's another six months?

Pilot fish is hired to support an application that tracks orders on a manufacturing plant's shop floor. And it's terrible -- but it'll be replaced real soon now, right?


Where's the fire?

This data center has a high-end mainframe, Halon to protect it from fire and an operator who never smokes in the computer room. So which one brings the firefighters?


How to quit smoking in 90 days

Pilot fish gets a job working as a field engineer for a small local tech company run by two married couples -- and they don't hesitate to share their favorite pastime.


Not that I ever doubted you...

This government office has two mainframes side by side in its computer room -- and a big problem that only shows up when a computer operator happens to reach out to them.


It's not the tool -- it's how you use it

It's long ago, and this senior secretary is getting a top-of-the-line IBM Selectric typewriter -- and lording it over her co-workers. But why is it suddenly so balky?


Throwback Thursday: Yeah, but it worked!

This engineering office gets a new copier/printer, but to make it play well with the package-shipping software, one PC needs to be rebooted -- and that's a no-no.


Details, details

IT security team at this university gets a rude awakening: Somebody is using one of their servers to launch denial-of-service attacks -- and that's not the worst of it.


Can't stay, gotta fly!

This system administrator works for a non-profit organization in the western U.S., and he keeps strict office hours -- on a schedule that stretches from coast to coast.


Perfect, redefined

It's the early days of big-iron computing, when IT is called Data Processing and this programmer pilot fish has a program that has compiled perfectly -- or so it appears.


Forget IT -- this guy obviously belongs in sales!

This IT pilot fish is team lead for an ex-mechanic with no programming aptitude, skills or training. So how long could he possibly last as a software developer?


New year, same old users

IT support pilot fish takes a call to help a user change a password on a webpage form -- and it reminds fish of just how much help-desk techs love password resets.


If the CTO says it's OK, what could go wrong?

Medical rehab facility uses ordinary Gmail, which doesn't meet HIPAA privacy regulations. Fortunately, that can be fixed -- but another problem probably can't be.


Throwback Tuesday: In 1756 it was a very good year

This company gets a new ERP system in early 1999, and by Y2K crunch time everything looks like it'll be smooth sailing. But come the new year, there's a small problem.


Not change! Anything but change!

This business owner is convinced his network is too small for anything more than POP email. But what to do when his email provider decides to shut down his POP server?


Broken, not broken, broken, not broken...

This program starts printing a form, but halfway through it just stops, user complains to a tech support pilot fish -- who begins to suspect the reason is the season.


Run. Boom! Repeat.

IT operations pilot fish works on Christmas testing a critical mainframe application so it can go live by New Year's -- but without warning, test runs start crashing.


How about a little Christmas fudge?

It's the late 1960s, and this pilot fish keeps track of more than 100,000 U.S. Marines using an IBM 1401 computer and lots of punch cards. But something isn't adding up.


See how well that worked out?

Employees at a Southern design firm feel the urge to decorate for the holidays, but a network admin tries gently to put on the brakes -- and, sure enough, it stops.


Christmas has been cancel--er, rescheduled!

Flashback to late 2005, when this pilot fish is part of the 24x7x365 staff for a bank's data center and Christmas is coming -- but not on the day you would expect.


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