This IT shop has a programmer who's very good at C and C++, but has some very nasty personality quirks -- and an annoying tendency to aim them at his co-workers.


Throwback Thursday: What are the odds?

It takes six months for users to get used to an internet filter that blocks access to their favorite non-business sites -- but at least one user has clearly accepted it.


What goes around...

It's the 1980s, and this pilot fish is taking a Cobol class where the professor's anger over her messy divorce spills into her classroom -- and he's on the receiving end.


See how much that helped?

This team at a big computer vendor is wiring hardware for some production equipment when one team member decides he knows what will help: some music, nice and loud.


The 85 percent solution

It's a few years back, when this IT consultant pilot fish is working in the aerospace and defense industry at a company with an interesting idea for paying employees.


Well, SOMEBODY saw some improvement from this

Pilot fish is responsible for this consulting business's employee performance improvement program -- but not every problem employee is all that interested in improving.


Throwback Thursday: Easy enough to fix

Network tech is sent to do some work at a remote customer site for the first time, and the visit is an eye-opener -- especially when a user comes in to fix a problem.


Promises, promises

Company hires a recent college IT grad, promising he'll work with the latest and greatest technology. But once he's on board, that's not how he's spending his time.


Cause and effect

A vulnerability scan is running in this big data center when without warning the storage farm is suddenly knocked out -- so which gets priority, storage or security?


Just one more reason we, um, love HR

IT pilot fish's former co-worker is job hunting and asks fish for a favor: Can I use you as a reference? But once the co-worker is hired, fish discovers a new problem.


Law & Order: IT Victims Unit

Database admin at a state law-enforcement agency spends too much time dealing with an unruly database system -- until the day a uniformed officer drops by for a talk.


Throwback Thursday: IT is Murphy's world -- we just live in it

This data center's backup generator kicks in 12 seconds after the power goes out and can keep it all running for hours -- at least that's how it's SUPPOSED to work.


What are they gonna do -- flunk us?

This contract programmer also does training classes, and one client asks him to help train programmers for a shift to using Oracle -- but not everybody is on board.


New year, same old problems

This IT contractor pilot fish is counting his New Year's blessings -- which include avoiding many of the usual headaches that afflict his regular-payroll co-workers.


What we have here is a failure to system integrate

It's the 1970s, and the VP of this small scientific computing company is on a rampage after getting the monthly electric bill -- one that's 40 TIMES what it should be!


Must've been one heck of a Christmas party

It's December, and this IT department ships new servers to all the company's field offices. But when it's time to actually install them, where have the servers gone?



It's two days before Christmas shutdown, and this IT pilot fish happens to step into a lab -- where she notices an orange fault light blinking on a server's disk array.


Definitely not something to make light of

IT contractor comes back from lunch one December afternoon to a corporate data center that looks abandoned and a computer operator in shock. What could have happened?


A Christmas carol

Company emails a warning: Don't get carried away decorating cubes for Christmas. That elicits a wisecrack reply from an employee -- one that's a little TOO entertaining.


It's all about getting into the holiday spirit(s)

This outsourcer's mainframes have to run 24/7, and one computer operator pilot fish finds out just what that means when he's scheduled to work on Christmas Day.


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