It's a miracle!

Company is hired to install new PCs with AutoCAD for a customer that designs custom conveyor systems -- a relatively simple job that's taking much longer than it should.


Throwback Thursday: Let us out of here!

Pilot fish gets an invite to fly to the corporate main office and meet the new CIO, as well as see the fancy new server lab -- but the tour doesn't go quite as planned.


Programming is typing code, right? So type faster!

This bank's IT group gets a new director, and to the delight of one pilot fish, it turns out he started his career as a programmer. Finally, a boss who understands!


Sometimes that penny just takes a while to drop

Programmer pilot fish receives an email with an attached document and a pretty standard request: Make updates and return it. But then the sender adds a new requirement.


Well, since you offered...

Pilot fish gets a call from the IT manager, who wants to know if fish has set up the extension number for a new accounting employee -- and things go downhill from there.


Not quite what he thought success would sound like

This company is trying to get a Japanese supplier to cut component prices and it's not going well, so a purchasing manager is heading for Japan -- but he needs a laptop.


Throwback Thursday: Well, we got Y2K right, anyhow

Pilot fish's new alarm clock has an iPod dock, nature sounds, two alarms, and a button to make switching to Daylight Saving Time really simple -- but there's a catch.


Consulting like it's 1999

It's a year before Y2K, and this company is desperate to make sure its workstations and aging mainframe make it to the year 2000. But there's a plan -- and a consultant.


Just one, um, great idea after another

Sysadmin is instructed to create an account for the IT director that gives him the same capabilities as the lead programmer. What could possibly go wrong with that?


Smart, redefined

Healthcare IT vendor decides to improve its corporate IT help desk's productivity by rolling out a new approach to user support called Smart Help -- and it's not helping.


The lifeline

This seasoned ex-mainframer is sailing smoothly toward retirement by managing a factory's AS/400, until a hardware issue turns very bad -- and it looks like he's sunk.


Throwback Thursday: Doing it the hard way

One of this software manager's more IT-challenged users approaches him to ask for a lesson in attaching documents to emails -- which it turns out he really, REALLY needs.


The price of quality

This company's parts require rigorous quality control, and they're X-rayed before they're shipped to customers -- but that's not quite as useful as it needs to be.


Still a few bugs in this computing architecture

University is building its first computing center, but there's no good spot on campus. Obvious solution: Put it underground -- which comes with a less obvious problem.


Truth or consequences

Software developer's assignment: Chase down a problem with a true-or-false value that's not right. But he seems to be unclear on the whole concept of an if statement.


So THAT'S what we've been paying him for!

This well-respected database analyst has two decades of successful experience handling the company's SQL Servers -- and a new manager who thinks he's past his prime.


Throwback Thursday: Trend, defined

User complains to support pilot fish about a printer that failed to print a job -- and she tells fish it's an ongoing problem that's getting more and more frequent.


Well, THAT worked out well, don'cha think?

It's almost Y2K, and this big insurance company has come up with a bright idea for keeping future IT costs down: Lay off 10 percent of the IT staff every decade.


Oh, THERE it is!

Manager informs an IT team at this government agency that several people have missed mandatory weekly meetings. But one AWOL team member has an explanation -- sort of.


Kids! Do NOT try this in 2018!

Fresh-from-school pilot fish gets a job in the late 1980s that includes importing data from 9-track tapes to a newfangled relational database -- preferably using Fortran.


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