It was a JOKE, OK?

This company is upgrading to use smart cards, but one pilot fish isn't thinking about that when he sees a pop-up message about an update that strikes him as odd.


Throwback Thursday: How to guarantee business will grow

It's early 2005, and this pilot fish works for an online retailer where a software developer is sure the business will never need a large database to run the business.


Internet meets tornado. Guess who wins?

IT pilot fish living just outside a small town can't get broadband or DSL, but he does manage to acquire internet service -- and then a tornado comes roaring his way.


It's a Y2K miracle!

On the run-up to Y2K, this consultant's job is making sure a government department's patches and firmware are up to date. Just one problem: He's getting, um, help.


The show must go on!

At this long-ago IT trade show, one demo requires a rack of equipment that must be moved down a flight of stairs. But with the official movers AWOL, what can be done?


How to win friends and influence people, eventually

After a bit too much New Year's Eve celebrating, these execs decide to send the data center team home and do the year-end close themselves. What could go wrong with that?


Throwback Thursday: Hey mister, got the time?

This law-enforcement agency stores its mainframe data with time stamps on every record, which can be important for court cases. But what time zone are they actually in?


How to be efficient and cost effective (or not)

Big corporation is rewriting most of its critical IT systems, and the contractor it hires pitches a bright idea: Replace development servers with multiuser workstations.


Really, it'll be easier that way

VP comes to this pilot fish's office with a new mobile phone and a problem: Her email won't work, and despite fish's careful troubleshooting, it still won't connect.


Who says lowly IT techs don't get any power?

Pilot fish is sent to a location in a faraway land to do some routine data center maintenance, and everything is fine -- until it's time to upgrade this power supply.


Where did THAT come from?!?

This non-profit is located on the outskirts of town, so when it needs high-speed internet, its options are limited. But that's not the only thing getting in the way.


Speed kills

Flashback a few decades to when this pilot fish is the day-shift operator for a minicomputer with dozens of dumb terminals -- and he just needs to add one more.


Wayback Wednesday: Undependence Day

At 12:30 a.m. on the Fourth of July, sysadm gets a page from an outsourcer: A remote job can't connect to the server. But what could be going wrong on a holiday?


...And never come back!

Database programmer retires at this conservative, family-owned company, and he goes out with a bang -- and is forever banned from the plant. Then he's needed again.


You're not helping!

This large organization has two kinds of workstations: the regular ones and high-security workstations that, if they go down, people can die. Guess which ones are down?


Sometimes you just gotta take a broader view

Database pilot fish is leaving work when a co-worker says there's an issue with a table fish designed: Every new record should get a unique ID, but instead they're all 1.


Throwback Thursday: Essential, defined

Small engineering outfit has a T1 internet connection, with a wireless modem for essential use if that fails -- but some users have their own ideas about what that means.


How (not) to speed up the system

Electronic component manufacturer's shipping system is having problems, but the original programmer is long gone, so this pilot fish is tapped to see what has gone wrong.



Contract programmer frequently gets urgent requests from IT shops that farm out projects to his company -- and by now he's pretty sure he knows just what that means.


Well, one of the problems anyway

Help desk pilot fish takes a support call form a user whose opening statement lays out the problem simply: "I can't get to the site." What could possibly be clearer?


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