Funny ha-ha

And yet some people see no value in practical jokes.


Throwback Thursday: Can I see me now?

Remoting from a non-remote PC? It’s all too metaphysical.


How much knowledge is a dangerous thing?

In which a pilot fish learns a really efficient way to kill an SSD disk.


Time-Machine Tuesday: It’s all in how you ask

A patient pilot fish finally gets his due.


So much learning in one day

Some employees start in the mailroom and work their way down.


Flashback Friday: A little TOO efficient

A moving story from back in the day.


Throwback Thursday: Pick a card, any card ...

It’s all so random.


And that, kids, is how you boot a system

Sometimes you just need to do a little percussive maintenance.


Not-so-Big Gulp

It’s not raining now, therefore it won’t rain in the future.


Memory-Lane Monday: Do as I say, not as I ...

The exception that proves the rule?


Flashback Friday: That’s unusual?

It’s a heat wave, but just in the server room.


Throwback Thursday: Anything better would be too good

At her most recent performance review, this pilot fish gets a rating of 3 of a possible 5 -- "fully satisfactory." Not bad, but she wants to do better. The question: How?


It's a hack!

A few years after Y2K, this pilot fish has overall responsibility for his company's website -- which is why the frantic CEO emails him to say the website has been hacked.


Oh, grow up!...and down...and up...and down...

The plan is to add Wi-Fi to this factory, and to speed up the process they're trying something new this time: training an IT guy to run the scissor lift for himself


Rule #1: Don't. Rule #2: If you must, see Rule #1

This IT pilot fish lands a one-year gig working at an Army installation, and it turns out that the IT rules are just like in the civilian world -- only more so.


Right now, wrong future

This soon-to-graduate IT pilot fish is in serious job-search mode -- better still, he's offered a job that pays well and really sounds like fun. Why wouldn't he take it?


Throwback Thursday: Logic, shmogic, we've got a process

Company's wired network is being upgraded, and this user sits right next to a main conduit for the wires -- so she has a good idea of what's wrong when things go south.


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's IP

Pilot fish is the volunteer on-call IT department for a church that has decided to let its congregation use the church's Wi-Fi network. What's so hard about that?


Let's just not talk about that, OK?

IT pilot fish is facing layoffs at the defense contractor where he works, but at least he feels better about one thing: His job didn't require a security clearance.


How he spent his day off

Just before a holiday, this IT support guy calls a remote office to have a pair of tapes changed. But it's not the usual person who does it -- and not the usual result.


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