Is your cell carrier violating phone unlocking rules?

Is your cell phone carrier violating the the rules for unlocking phones? I've got details about which carriers are failing, and which live up to the standards.

Ex-Microsoft software guru Ray Ozzie releases a mobile app -- and it's for the iPhone

Former Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie has released a mobile app and service, and it's not for Windows Phone, but instead the iPhone. They can't be pleased in Microsoft Land about this.

Can a cat video save Windows Phone?

Microsoft has tried just about everything to help Windows Phone succeed, to no avail. So it's now turning to the Internet tried-and-true: A cute cat video. Will that really help juice up market share or is it a sign of desperation?

A Clippy feature may be heading back to Microsoft Office. Will it be a winner this time?

Clippy may be the most reviled feature in the history of Microsoft, but the company may be adding a Clippy-like feature to the next version of Office. Will it be useful this time around?

Windows Phone should fear Android One, not the iPhone 6

Windows Phone has nothing to fear from the big-bang rollout of the iPhone 6. But Google's Android One project could well ensure that Windows Phone never becomes a serious smartphone contender.

Leaked screenshot shows Cortana making her debut on Windows 9

A series of leaked screenshots shows the Cortana digital assistant in action on Windows 9. This is good news for the new operating system, and one more reason to look forward to it in action.

Windows 9 video leaks: Virtual desktops and Notification Center in action

Another day, more Windows 9 leaks, this time of the new virtual desktops and Notification Center. I've got the videos, and you'll want to see them.

Leaked video shows Windows 9 Start menu in action -- I want it now!

A leaked video shows the Windows 9 Start menu in interactive glory. If it's for real, this Start menu beats out all other previous versions, as you can see in the video I've embedded. I'd like to get my hands on it right now.

Windows 9 leaks show the desktop rules again

Desktop users, rejoice. A new batch of leaked screenshots from Windows 9 shows an operating system designed for desktop users, not just for those with tablets.

Microsoft's haul on Apple's big day: 2.5 million page views of anti-Siri ad

Microsoft was happier than you might have thought with Apple's big iPhone 6 announcement day. The company rolled out another ad slamming Siri as being inferior to Windows Phone's Cortana digital assistant, and gotten big viewer...

Why the iPhone 6 won't hurt Windows Phone

Why the iPhone 6 won't hurt Windows Phone

Apple did its usual big-bang, glitzy rollout today for the iPhone 6. The new phone may well hurt competing Android devices. But Windows Phone won't feel a thing.

iPhone 6 rollout: Lights out for Windows Phone?

iPhone 6 rollout: Lights out for Windows Phone?

When the iPhone 6 gets rolled out tomorrow, some may be tempted to say that it will finally mean the end of Windows Phone. But will the iPhone 6 really harm Windows Phone, or is there a way for Microsoft to salvage its smartphone OS?

More evidence of the Windows Phone app gap: FTC doesn't bother to sue Microsoft

Here's one more piece of evidence that Windows Phone lags far iOS and Android in app availability: The FTC, which has gone after Google, Apple, and Amazon for unlawful app billing, hasn't even bothered to target Microsoft.

Can the Lumia 830 Windows Phone really take on the iPhone?

Microsoft says that its just-announced Lumia 830 Windows Phone will eat into the market share of both the iPhone and Samsung devices. Is that a real possibility, or just one more example of overhype of Microsoft's struggling...

Attack of the killer Windows laptops: Say goodbye to Chromebooks

A slew of new $200 Windows laptops, including a new Asus EeeBook, are taking direct aim at Chromebooks in the upcoming buying season. Will this kill off Chromebooks for good, or can they survive the onslaught?

Is Microsoft right -- does Cortana clean Siri's clock?

Is Microsoft right -- does Cortana clean Siri's clock?

Microsoft is swamping the airwaves with a new ad showing how its Windows Phone personal assistant Cortana is superior to the iPhone's Siri. Is Microsoft on target or making false claims?

Did Microsoft help seed the market for Windows Store scam apps?

Microsoft has finally begun cleaning out the Windows Store by killing 1,500 scams and copycat apps. But by turning the other way when bad apps were uploaded, and maybe even paying for them, Microsoft was part of the problem.

Five top Wi-Fi tips and tools

Get more out of Wi-Fi when at home, in the office or on the road with these five great tips.

Huawei abandons Windows Phone: 'We were losing money for two years' on it

One more big phone maker has given up on Windows Phone. Huawei, the world's third-largest smartphone maker says that it will no longer release Windows Phone devices because it simply can't make any money on it. Where else can...

Microsoft Surface 2's price slash: Great deal or a waste of your money?

Microsoft just temporarily slashed the prices on all of its Surface 2 Windows 8.1 RT-based tablets by $100, to as low as $349. Is this the deal for you, or one you should avoid? The price cut lasts only from August 24 through...

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