Mobile World Congress 2017 offered a touch of tech optimism

Mobile World Congress 2017 offered a touch of tech optimism

This year's Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona offered all the usual delights, but this year was a little different, almost odd, when compared with previous visits.


Singapore's vision for supporting tech innovation encourages team diversity

Singapore's vision for supporting tech innovation encourages team diversity

Matt Hamblen, back from Singapore, finds the nation's government and businesses take a comprehensive approach to pushing technology innovation.


The driverless taxi is almost here

The driverless taxi is almost here

Driverless taxis and shuttles are coming to big cities, if what's going on in Singapore is any indication.


Can Echo speak dog?

Can Echo speak dog?

Amazon Echo, Apply Pay, Cortana, Siri, Google Now.


Gear Fit's curved-screen styling shows the promise of wearables

Samsung’s new Gear Fit is a stylish activity tracker worn on the wrist-- not actually a smartwatch. What makes it special?  It includes the  world’s first curved SuperAMOLED color display, which measures 1.84-in. diagonally with...


Stand Up Straight: The Zen of good tablet posture

With my birthday coming up, I suddenly got interested in smart fitness wrist bands, a new pair of running shoes and resuming some semblance of a regular workout.    And because I was reviewing a new tablet while on assignment at...


Samsung's big 12.2-in. Galaxy Note Pro tablet -- a first look

Tablets come in all sizes these days, and now Samsung has the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, which sells for $750 for 32 GB. It runs Android 4.4 (KitKat). Yes, that's a big 12.2-in. LCD display at 2560 x 1600 pixels, which can rival the...


Oh, that puzzling, but capable, 10.1-in. Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet on LTE

Everything about the new 10.1-in. touchscreen Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet, which runs Windows RT 8.1 and includes LTE wireless, screams for the tablet-buying public’s attention even though it remains a puzzling entry into the...


Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 comes with microSD slot and a brilliant screen

Samsung launched three new Android Jelly Bean tablets at major U.S. retailers on July 7. I've just tried out a review unit of the 8-in. version of the Galaxy Tab 3 almost daily for about three weeks to get a good feel for the...


Sony Xperia ZL: An unlocked 5-in. gem in a diverse Android smartphone market

Testing out the new unlocked 5-in. Sony Xperia ZL smartphone recently made me realize that smartphone innovation has truly turned a corner.  Maybe you have noticed it yourself. Six years after the first iPhone appeared, Android is...


In the Snowden era, here's one true hero for freedom of information

Edward Snowden is being called both a traitor and hero for leaking classified details about U.S. surveillance programs.   The discussion about his enemy-or-hero status took on new meaning for me last night when I heard a true...


FCC gets 10,000 wireless service complaints in a year

We hear all the time from wireless carriers how great the wireless coverage is in the U.S. and how we have the best LTE network in the world. But there are many gaps in coverage, creating more of a patchwork of networks where some...


Wireless dead zones aren't just in rural areas

Wireless dead zones continue to give people headaches in rural areas, but also in cities and suburbs. While the country’s major carriers advertise their widespread coverage, the level of coverage for voice and data is really more...


It's been 40 years since the first cell phone call

Martin Cooper, a former Motorola engineer, inventor and executive, made the first cellular mobile phone call 40 years ago this week, on April 3, 1973.  That was revolutionary enough, but the modern age of the cell phone really...


What matters for BlackBerry is what matters to users

At this week's Computerworld Premier 100 conference in Tucson, I asked many of the IT leaders whether their companies will use the coming BlackBerry Z10 smartphone or its qwerty cousin, the Q10. I had done a review of the Z10 and...


LTE could cost users a bundle when video is streamed to a GM car

General Motors and AT&T have signed a multi-year deal to provide 4G LTE wireless connections to many 2015 GM vehicles, which start shipping in mid-2014.   OnStar safety services and information as well as entertainment will be...


Dual-SIM phones not coming to the U.S. (SIMs are too tiny for one thing!)

Dual-SIM wireless phones have been introduced by Nokia and LG Electronics for use in countries outside the U.S.   The question remains whether they or other dual-SIM phones will ever catch on in the U.S. in significant numbers. A...


Z10 has 'Delete All' email function in BB10, a real crowd pleaser

The BlackBerry Z10 comes with a feature in BlackBerry 10 called Hub, a kind of universal inbox on steroids. One feature that I was glad to find that is still included in BB10 is the capability found in older BlackBerry models to...


Z10's metaphor mashup: Hyperbole-mania!

The announcement Wednesday of two BlackBerry smartphones, the Z10 and the Q10, gave the company now called BlackBerry a chance to renew its fortunes after seeing its smartphone share drop to less than 5% globally. This, from a...


AT BB10 Event: First impressions of Z10

Some have called the Z10 touchscreen smartphone a radical reinvention of BlackBerry’s previous smartphones. Well, OK, I guess so.   What I’d say instead is that BlackBerry (the new official name for RIM, but obviously not so new)...


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