Microsoft: Beneath the Surface

An analysis of Microsoft's new Surface Hub workplace collaboration solution.

Parsing VCE’s new “bright box” hyperconverged VxRack Systems

A commentary discussing VCE's new VxRack solutions and their place in the company's product portfolio.

Moore’s Law is golden

The lead-up to the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law resulted in a deluge of news stories, reminiscences and analysis. Was that necessary or even appropriate?

Is your business ready for 'stick' PCs?

The tech market is loaded with gizmos that violate a grandmotherly platitude that’s apropos for business: Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should. So what’s the general value of stick PCs and why should they be...

There's no free lunch: Lenovo and Superfish

A commentary concerning Lenovo and Superfish adware.

IBM’s z13 and the case for the mainframe cloud

IBM has positioned its z13 mainframe as a singular platform for cloud computing. Is that a justifiable or even compelling argument?

Whistling past the graveyard ≠ Data protection

Some thoughts on the data protection and downtime trends noted in recent studies by, Vreeam and EMC.

Your new legacy system: The public cloud

A commentary on public cloud as a new "legacy system" and what businesses need to consider.

Dell World 2014: Keeping Dell weird

My thoughts on Dell's Dell World 2014 user and partner conference.

Better Together: Parsing EMC/VCE

Better Together: Parsing EMC/VCE

A short commentary on/analysis of the end of EMC and Cisco's joint ownership of VCE, and VCE joining EMC's Federation as an independent business.

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