We’re entering the Platform Period

Shared, massive scale platforms are exploding within the enterprise, and are fundamentally changing the $110 billion sourcing industry.

Digital disrupters do it differently

Digital disrupters do it differently

A small group of up-and-coming IT service providers are disrupting the traditional ITO market by helping their clients grow, rather than focusing on reducing cost — while making the world a better place, to boot.

Does the cloud even exist?

'The cloud' is actually a collection of hundreds of individual clouds, all of which operate independently from one another. This independence fosters massive levels of innovation, but it also creates immense complexity for enterprise...

6 cloud sourcing archetypes

From traditional cloud RFPs to API-enabled cloud brokerage, buyers are dramatically changing the way they engage the market. Here are six of the most common archetypes.

Are APIs the new ITIL?

Are APIs indeed the new ITIL? In some ways, yes. Providers are going to continue to aggressively drive towards standardized, multi-tenant web based services supported by increasing layers of technology automation over human-based...

Welcome to the Country Club Cloud

What makes the country club analogy so apt is that it perfectly describes the characteristics of the country club cloud: Standard, enterprise-aligned master services agreement Commitment required, typically annual Fixed monthly...

Out-tasking: Slicing the ITO pie one service at a time

Out-tasking services are increasingly eating away at the $110 billion outsourcing pie. However, these services are not necessarily pure-play cloud platforms — in many cases, they're a combination of the best of both worlds.

Ready to embrace Everything-as-a-Service? Prepare to assume more risk

As-a-Service offerings are exploding in the enterprise, unleashing an unprecedented wave of consumer-friendly applications and services. However, buyers of these services are often surprised that it is them, not the provider that...