What can data warehousing do for us now?

Welcome to the new kid on the block, same as the old kid but sharper, tougher and even more relevant to business than before. Who can it be, what do we call her and where does she live? Well here's a surprise. The newcomer is none...

Looking for your most valuable data? Follow the money

The value chain for data can be generalized into the degrees of separation between money and the data. The closer to the money that the data is, the higher its potential value.

Is big data really for you? Things to consider before diving in

For the likes of Google, Twitter and Facebook, Big Data is an intrinsic part of their business and plays a key role in their ability to survive and thrive. However, it is not for everyone. Here's how to know for sure if Big Data is...

When is offshoring software development the wrong choice? 7 don'ts to remember

Offshoring can be a valid option, but only for the right projects and the right reasons. Here’s how to know for sure if it’s the wrong choice.