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The NSA, Edward Snowden and the pursuit of true data security

As the Edward Snowden soap opera continues to play out on the world stage, pundits can fill the airwaves with suppositions about personal and corporate privacy, spy tactics against presumed terrorists, and the fate of one...


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IBM file leak: When will the enterprise learn?

News broke this week about IBM’s latest file leak, where a former employee with access to confidential information regarding IBM’s play in cloud computing technology leaked hundreds of pages of documentation, shedding light on...


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Congress puts tight protection on tax reform proposal documents

To encourage their colleagues to freely suggest which deductions and credits to preserve in the tax code, the Senate Finance Committee distributed a memo on July 19, promising to mark all submissions “COMMITTEE CONFIDENTIAL. NOT...


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Dropbox’s cloud file sharing a Trojan Horse for enterprises, spreads malware from Chinese hackers

It sounds like a scary headline from a comic book; however, malware infiltration is actually the theme of many articles circulating this week following the news that Chinese hackers are using Dropbox to spread malicious code to...


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Weighing COPE vs. BYOD? Don’t Forget Key Security Factor: FILE

In 2012, security conversations about mobile workers tended to focus around four letters: B-Y-O-D. The bring-your-own-device trend was hot. Workers wanted to use their own smartphones and tablets, and enterprises wanted to give...


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Smarter file sharing makes smarter companies

Fundamentally, files are not smart. They do not have rules as to who can access them and what the user can do once the file has been accessed. Worse, files have the tendency to be lost and shared with the wrong recipients – think...


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BYOD + regulated data = mobile, cloud and compliance risks

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access to company data via mobile devices is now a fact of life for most companies, whether they sanction it officially or not. However, according to research we at WatchDox recently sponsored with the...


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