Best Places to Work in IT 2010 Employer Profile

No. 5

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia [Middle Atlantic]

Why you want to work there

Top 10 ranking: No. 1 for benefits, No. 2 for diversity The IT team at this Ivy League university in Philadelphia put a few new feathers in its cap this year. The team developed a brand-new open-source/open-standard voice-over-IP system to replace the existing one and deliver true unified communications, saving the university $1 million annually and positioning it for future innovation. IT staffers are also working on a multiyear initiative to replace Penn's printed directory with an online-only version to help with the university's commitment to lower carbon emissions by an additional 17% by 2014. On-campus learning: Tuition benefits abound here, and employees are encouraged to strengthen their management knowledge by, among other things, enrolling in classes that are part of Penn's formal human resources management curriculum, taught by experts from the American Management Association. There are dozens of lunchtime workshops to choose from (with many new ones added each year). Employees are also encouraged to enroll in career-related courses in Penn's business programs; they can work toward a full degree or a certificate or just study specific subjects of interest in individual classes. Penn's College of Liberal & Professional Studies, an evening program, offers seven master's degree programs and hundreds of classes in 60 subject areas, including 17 languages. IT employees may participate in Penn technology courses and in on-site employee-developed and -taught study groups. The IT group's Technology Training Services program offers instruction in subjects as varied as Tuning/Optimizing Queries Using SQL Server and Extreme Boot Camp for VMware vSphere 4. On average, each year, the IT group develops formal training plans for more than 85% of its workforce and measures employees' progress under these plans quarterly.

Rank by company size:
Large, No. 4

Employee Statistics

Total U.S.-based employees: 16,300

Total U.S.-based IT employees: 284

IT employee turnover in 2009: 4%

IT promotions in 2009: 1%


Training days offered per IT employee in 2009: 6

Training budget per IT employee in 2009: $300

Women in IT

Total percentage of women within IT: 38%

Percentage of IT managers who are women: 47%

Percentage of IT staffers (non-managers) who are women: 37%

Minorities in IT

Total percentage of minorities within IT: 29%

Percentage of IT managers who are minorities: 24%

Percentage of IT staffers (non-managers) who are minorities: 30%